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Development OAO NPO Saturn
Serial production OAO NPO Saturn.

M75RU is a naval turboshaft engine with 7,000 h.p., developed specially for the Russian Navy. The first tests of the trial GTD M75RU, which became the first Russian naval turboshaft engine, took place in 2003. The decree of the state trial board certifying the GTD M75RU with the maximum of 7,000 h.p. was signed on the 25th November 2006. A series of engines are planned for development on the basis of M75RU specially for the Russian Navy, Border Control Services and civil ships.

Key Characteristics of the GTD M75RU:

Power at limiting point, h.p. 7000
Power in nominal mode, h.p. 6000
Specific fuel rate at limiting point, kg/h.p.h 0,190
Specific fuel rate in nominal mode, kg/h.p.h 0,198
Air use at compressor inlet, kg/sec 23,1
Resource, h:
- full 40000
- between repairs 20000