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AL-55I AL-55I AL-55I AL-55I AL-55I AL-55I AL-55I


Development OAO NPO Saturn.
Serial production OAO NPO Saturn, UMPO (Ufa Engine Industrial Association) JSC.

AL-55I is the next-generation double-circuit turbojet engine, a prototype model of the new family of engines AL-55 for combat-training and light combat aircrafts. AL-55I is created especially for the Indian air-forces for use on the training airplane HJT-36.

AL-55 family is intended for the engines with the thrust of 1,700 to 3,500 kgf (with an afterburner), with the possibility of equipment with thrust vector control.

Key Characteristics of the Engine AL-55I:

Thrust and the limiting point, kgf 1,760
Specific fuel rate at the limiting point, kg/kgf.h 0.69
Specific fuel rate in cruising mode, kg/kgf.h 0.645
Air use, kg/ 28.5
Gas temperature before the turbine, Tc 1,445
Length, mm 1,210
Entry diameter, mm 590
Dry weight, kg 315