UEC Creates First Russian Helicopter Engine Designed Completely in 3D

United Engine Corporation of Rostec has created a new helicopter engine design, designated VK-1600V, completely using 3D modeling software for the first time in Russian history. All design documentation for the engine demonstrator created at UEC-Klimov has been released in electronic form.

UEC put into operation a robotic welding line at the engine production in Samara

Rostecs United Engine Corporation put into operation  robotic welding line at UEC-Kuznetsov in Samara. The equipment will be used for making compressors, turbines and engine mounts, and is to increase the production rate by 15%.

UEC to Create Digital Twin of Next Generation Ship Engine
The United Engine Corporation of the Rostec State Corporation will create a digital twin of a next generation gas turbine engine for ships with displacement of up to 12,000 tons. The project will allow better control over the life cycle of the power plant, and increase the reliability and competitiveness of Russian ship engines. The digital twin will be completed in 2023.
UEC hold discussions on cooperation programs in Bangalore

United Engine Corporation of Rostec State Corporation is participating in the international aerospace exhibition Aero India 2021 and holding discussions with cooperation programs with partners.

United Engine Corporation Increases Service Life of Indian Trainer Jet Engine to 1,200 hours

An Indian HJT-36 training aircraft took successfully to the skies powered by the AL-55I jet engine, created by United Engine Corporation of Rostec. The event took place today during the international aerospace exhibition Aero India, currently taking place in Bangalore from February 3 to 5. The service life of the engine was recently increased to 1,200 flight hours.

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