The Chernaya Rechka riverside resort outside of Rybinsk, Russia, was the venue for the 21st (Winter) Youth Rally on February 1820, 2011, and was attended by over 500 participants from 21 teams.

VTB Bank OAO and VTB24 ZAO sponsored the rally.

This youth event brought together teams from the enterprises services and divisions, including Lulka Research Center, Lytkarino engineering plant, Saturn Gas Turbines OAO, the Rybinsk State Aviation Technical Academy, Sukhoi Civil Aviaiton, and a team of the VTB Bank units. The FGUP MMPP Salyut team attended the rally for the first time.

The 21st (Winter) Youth Rally was dedicated to the Year of Space Exploration in Russia and the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space by Yuri Gagarin. Traditionally, the program included athletic, artistic and intellectual contests.

The first day of the competition began with a serious challenge, but despite freezing temperature, 30 degrees Celsius below zero, all teams made it through a three-hour-long cross-country ski race. In the stage contests, many teams showed outstanding artistry, costumes, sparkling wit and high-quality video clips.

The organizers of the Saturn Winter Rally mentioned high athletic and creative level of all the teams, including the new participants.

Prizes for athletic and stage contests were distributed as follows: