Moscow. March 25, 2011. New appointments have been made at the united industrial corporation OAO OPK OBORONPROM.

Sergei Mikhailov was appointed deputy general director at OAO OPK Oboronprom and head of the energy division at the OAO United Engine-Building Corporation managing company, an OAO OPK Oboronprom subsidiary.

Vladimir Dovgiy was appointed Oboronprom’s deputy general director for innovation.

Mikhailov, Sergei Alekseyevich. Born June 17, 1958, in Donskoy, Tula Region, Russia.

He earned a degree in industrial power engineering from Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1981. Cand. Sc. (Technology), Ph.D. (Economics). He has been recognized with the 2nd degree medal of order “For Meritorious Service to the Fatherland.” He is also the winner of the Russian government science and technology prize for development and implementation of comprehensive energy-saving and energy-efficient programs in the Republic of Tatarstan and Moscow.

1985-1989: Researcher, research and development institute at the Russian Defense Ministry.

In 1989, he participated in cleanup operations at Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

1989-1994: Research manager at the Academy of Public Works and Utilities.

1994-2000: Head, Division for small and alternative energy sources and energy saving in Russia’s fuel and energy industry at the Russian Industry and Energy Ministry.

2000-2002: Deputy head, State Energy Supervision Department, Russian Industry and Energy Ministry.

2002-2004: Head, State Energy Supervision Department, Russian Industry and Energy Ministry.

2004-2008: Deputy director, Fuel and Energy Department, Russian Industry and Energy Ministry.

2008-2010: Director, State Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency Department, Russian Industry and Energy Ministry.

* * *

Dovgiy, Vladimir Ivanovich. Born December 20, 1967, in Globino, Poltava Region, Ukraine.

In 1990, he graduated with distinction from Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School of Radioelectronics. In 1992, he earned a degree from Moscow Aviation Institute (technical University). In 2008, he completed the MBA program at the State University – Higher School of Economics in “Management of defense and industrial enterprises undergoing reform.” Cand. Sc. (Economics). Professor at the Academy of Military Sciences.

Author (co-author) of several manuals, study aids and research papers on managing scientific research and development at defense and industrial enterprises and pricing of defense products.

1985 – 2007: Active service with the Russian Armed Forces.

2004-2005: Member of the working group at the Federal Industry Agency for building integrated industrial units.

2005-2006: Member of the working group at the military-industrial commission of the Russian government for improving state pricing procedures for defense products supplied under government defense contracts.

August 2007-2010: Director of long-term programs, then deputy general director at OAO Interdepartmental Analytical Center.

Andrei Reus, general director at OAO OPK OBORONPROM, says that the specialized United Engine-Building Corporation division in charge of power engineering was established with the view to coordinate the Corporation’s activities in this area, unite scientific and manufacturing capacities in order to meet the domestic and international demand for power engineering units. The Corporation’s primary objective is to develop and implement state-of-the-art innovative technologies. “We have begun to implement several projects, such as PD-14, a promising high-speed helicopter, which will make the Company’s output competitive on the global markets in the medium and long run,” said Mr. Reus.

* * *

OAO OPK OBORONPROM, a multi-purpose machine-building group, was established in 2002 as part of the Rossiyskii Tekhnologii Group. Its main areas of business include helicopter building (OAO Vertolety Rossii), engine building (OAO UK United Engine Building Corporation), and other assets. Total Corporation’s earnings amounted to 190 billion rubles in 2010.