OAO NPO Saturn affiliate The Lyulka Scientific-Technical Center marks its 65th anniversary

The Lyulka Scientific-Technical Center, Moscow affiliate of OAO NPO Saturn, marked its 65th anniversary on March 30, 2011.

The center’s birthday, like that of its founder Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka, is in late March. The enterprise was founded on March 30, 1946 by a Soviet government decree and on an order from the Aviation Production Minister, M. V. Khrunichev. With these official documents, State Factory No. 165 was transferred to the jurisdiction of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Aviation Production, in order to develop on the foundations of this formerly small tool factory a powerful facility to design and test jet engines.

In its 65-year history, the Lyulka Center has developed an entire line of engines for Russian aviation and rocket-building. Engines from the Moscow design bureau were fitted in subsonic and supersonic fighter jets and bombers, and to winged and strategic rockets. The basic engine for most modern and upcoming Russian fighter planes is the AL-31F, an international bestseller. It was created under the direction of the chief designer, academic A. M. Lyulka, and in the test phase under the leadership of chief designer V. M. Chepkin, and put into mass production at UMPO (Ufa), and then at Salyut (Moscow). This engine was specially developed for the multi-purpose Su-27 fighter jet and is now being used in its various incarnations, AË-31ÔÏ and AË-31ÔÍ.

Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka was proud of his team, and viewed his role in creating new jet technology objectively. He said, “The complicated technology of aviation engines would be inconceivable without a large and harmonious team. One person cannot make a jet turbine engine, just as one design bureau is not capable of producing modern equipment without the help of other bureaus, institutes, and factories. We cannot work in separation from one another.”

Today the Lyulka Center is a dynamically developing enterprise with a great deal of intellectual potential developing a technical infrastructure. Lyulka Center specialists are rightly considered to be some of the most professional workers in machine building. Their achievements in scientific design have been recognized with many state prizes and awards. The traditions of the Arkhip Lyulka engineering school are being safely preserved, and are helping to prepare a new generation of young engineers to solve a broad range of tasks in arms design, for the country’s national security.

The best proof of this are the test flights of the new fifth-generation Russian fighter the T-50, with an engine by OAO NPO Saturn. These flights have launched the intensive testing phase for the airplane, which will form the basis of the Russian Air Force’s front-line striking power for many years to come.

Ilya Fedorov, managing director of OAO NPO Saturn and chairman of the Yaroslavl Regional Section of the Russian Engineering Union, “Even older companies cannot boast the amounts of work put out by the Lyulka Center. Practically all Sukhoi engines have been born on our factory floor in Moscow.

I want to wish our wonderful team well, not only with the new fifth-generation engine’s second phase, but also with the intermittent cycle engine that we are currently working hard on.

We have quite a lot of work ahead of us on potential airplanes of the next phase, which could possibly include planes without pilots. I believe that whatever happens and whatever anyone says, it will also fall to us to build the ten-ton machines in the mid-21st century.

I wish the Lyulka Center a huge, an endless amount of work. And if there is a lot of work, then the company will continue to develop, and attract more young people. We will apply ourselves to this goal.

I wish all the center’s specialists and their families great happiness. I hope that Saturn’s Moscow affiliate’s engines are always revving.”

Yuri Shmotin, OAO NPO Saturn chief designer, “Thanks to technological advances and our accumulated experience, Saturn’s work to modernize the test base implemented by the leaders, including the informational-technical implementation of engineering designs, and preserving and developing human resources potential, the Lyulka Centre remains one of the flagships in engineering design not only within our company, but of the entire United Machine-building Corporation.

I congratulate the center on its anniversary, and sincerely wish them further achievements, in their difficult work of creating diverse new examples of aviation technology.”

Yevgeny Marchukov, chief designer and director of the Lyulka Scientific-Technical Center, “I wish each center employee health, happiness, and creative success. I hope that each and every one has a dream towards which he can strive. And most important, I hope that we continue to move ever forward. That we will have new developments, new achievements – and I believe that we can count on that.”