As part of the program laid out by the directors of ZAO NPO SATURN, a new enterprise, ZAO Saturn-Instrumentalny zavod (Instrumental Plant), was opened on April 4, 2011, on the basis of tool production. It is wholly owned by ZAO NPO Saturn.

OAO Managing Company United Engine Corporation (UEC) has designated ZAO SatIZ as a UEC center for production planning.

“We must enter a new quality level of organization in production planning in one of our most high-tech and innovative fields – that of engine production,” noted Marina Kustova, ZAO NPO Saturn deputy managing director and director for strategy, discussing the significance of the center. “…a new level of management which will enable our future success.”

Vladimir Nikolaevich Krylov has been named head of the production planning center. He is head of the Instrumental Plant project, holds a doctoral degree in technical science, and is an Honored Engineer of the Russian Federation. The deputy heads will be Ivan Grigoryevich Bashkatov, chief engineer at the Perm Motor Plant, and Yevgeny Georgevich Polkanov, head of management at the Salyut Gas Turbine Center.

ZAO SatIZ is headed by the director of the ZAO NPO Saturn factory, honored aviation engineer Aleksandr Alekseevich Tereshkin.

Creating a separate enterprise within the structure of Saturn to produce tools is part of a transition to a new way of doing business and big responsibilities towards customers.

The strategic goal of creating the center is the formation of a specialized scientific production center which can meet the entire cycle of technological needs for production, and which is able to carry out tasks on import substitution for the entire United Engine Corporation. The process involves implementing optimization of tool production in engine building enterprises, cutting expenditures on technical preparation for production, and seeking out effective solutions to reduce required manpower and, as a result the production cost of the end product.

ZAO SatIZ will be meeting the goals set before it through unique ‘turn key’ projects in technical preparation of production, including diagnostics, development of design documentation on equipment and tools, and the preparation and selection of equipment and tools. The extant experience in providing services for implementation and training, and aftersales service and support are the ‘start-up capital’ in providing support to the customer across the entire cycle of technological provisioning of an enterprise.

ZAO SatIZ is presently equipped with up-to-date machining facilities: it has a depot of automated machine tooling units from Mitsubishi, Hermle, and Micron, allowing the plant to produce and finish high-tech parts of varying complexity. ZAO SATIZ possesses unique technology for producing equipment, on par with European products. The production of shaping tool molding is high-level. The enterprise has a great deal of experience and a wide selection of statistics on exploiting solid-cast fine tool for working both titanium and heat-resistant materials.

SatIZ has invaluable experience in working with French company Snecma in accordance with international standards, acquired during participation in the tool plant for the SaM146 project.

The enterprise’s biggest asset is its highly-qualified and energetic staff, joining the subsidiary from ZAO NPO Saturn en masse (990 employees) without transferring their place of employment. Thanks to their efforts, ZAO NPO Saturn was named one of the top ten leading innovative enterprises in Russia by Fast Company magazine. It’s no accident that the new enterprise’s motto is ‘Supporting Innovation’.