A new gas turbine combined heat and power plant was launched in Bashkiria in April 2011 using Perm gas turbines. The expansion of the Zauralskaya CHP (OAO Bashkirenergo) using GTEC-16PA gas turbines with a power output of 16 mW enables more electricity and heat to be produced for users, while significantly improving the reliability of energy supply.

Zauralskaya CHP is located in the eastern part of the city of Sibai (Republic of Bashkortostan), in an industrial area. Plant construction began in December 2002 and was commissioned in March 2004. The heat and power plant was built to create a strong power-generating source, and, particularly, to make up for the shortage of electricity in the Sibai area. Electricity had previously been supplied from the Chelyabinsk and Orenburg regions.

The GTEC-16PA gas turbine with 16 mW capacity is one of the most promising developments by OAO Aviadvigatel. It uses natural gas as its primary fuel. The basic construction of the plant uses GTE-16PA gas turbine with PS-90EU-16A engine, which is based on the gas generator from the modern, highly-efficient PS-90A2 aviation engine. The main difference of PS-90EU-16A from earlier industrial engines by the Perm Design Bureau is the use of four-stage free power turbines with a nominal speed of 3000 RPM.

The key advantages of a gas turbine CHP using GTEC-16PA are as follows:

  • Efficient use of fuel heat to produce electricity and thermal energy (combustion efficiency of at least 85%)
  • A high efficiency factor in a closed loop, of 35.5%
  • Low production cost of electrical and thermal energy, reducing the payback period of the project.

Key performance indicators of GTEC-16PA are similar to those of the leading international power-plant manufacturers.

Bashkiria has been implementing its strategy of distributed power generation for more than ten years. The republic began using Aviadvigatel equipment in 2000, when a GTEC-4 with a 4 mW capacity was commissioned in the city of Bolsheustinkinskoye. In 2002, a GTEC-8 was put into operation at two Ural-4000 power stations in the city of Agidel, and in 2009 a GTEC-25P was launched in Ufa.

The new power plant in Sibai is the next step in and a proof of consistency of Bashkiria's energy planning.