Innovative customer support

May 18, 2011 – PowerJet announces the launch of its comprehensive new customer support service, PowerLifeTM, at the 36th RAA congress.

PowerJet provides full accompanying operational support for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 by creating a comprehensive customer support and technical service network.

Based on the experience and resources of parent companies Snecma and Saturn, PowerJet has developed a support and service system specially for the SaM146 engine, called PowerLifeTMTM, which provides fast and reliable access to services and information anywhere on earth.

PowerJet is the main global producer of regional jet engines, presenting a single point of contact for all types of customer support and services for all types of equipment, including engines, power units, and nacelles.

PowerLifeTMTM is composed of a customer support center with an AOG hotline (for planes that are idle due to malfunction), open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a center for data and documentation on engines, a main office and a customer support operations office, centers for field representatives and technical support located all over the world, centers for distributing spare parts, and centers for repairs and customer personnel training.

«With our new brand PowerLifeTM™, we aim to provide the full spectrum of local support and services everywhere on earth, at any time, in order to provide our customers with total peace of mind,» said Jacques Desclaux, board chairman and president of PowerJet.

The SaM146 was originally developed as a customer-oriented unit. PowerJet offers a wide range of services developed on the requirements of each customer, from individual jobs to a full set of hourly services.