The presidents of Snecma, Saturn, PowerJet, Sukhoi, and SCA agree on production plans and delivery schedules for SaM146 engines and SSJ100 airplanes

The presidents of Snecma (Safran group of companies, Snecma, SAFRAN group), OAO NPO Saturn, PowerJet, JSC Sukhoi, and JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft met on May 25, 2011 at Saturn, and agreed upon production plans and delivery schedules for SaM146 engines and SSJ100 airplanes.

The meeting was attended by:

  • from Snecma – president and general director Philippe Petitcolin, Safran Groupe Moscow general director Marc Sorel, SaM146 program director Robert Vivier, and chief SaM146 project designer Ivan Lapidus
  • from Saturn – managing director Ilya Fedorov, deputy managing director and SaM146 program director Yuri Basyuk, deputy chief designer and SaM146 head designer Georgy Konyukhov, production director Viktor Polyakov, and deputy managing director and director for economics and finance, Alexei Sobolev
  • PowerJet president and general director Jacques Desclaux.

On the invitation of Saturn, key figures from the aviation industry also attended the meeting:

  • president and CEO of JSC United Aircraft Corporation and general director of Sukhoi, Mikhail Pogosyan, and deputy general director of JSC Sukhoi civil aviation program Viktor Subbotin
  • from JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft company, president Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk and vice president for strategy Aleksandr Pimenov.

Having listened to the reports, from Saturn production director on the state of production of the SaM146 engine, and from SCA vice president for strategy Aleksandr Pimenov on plans for the production of SSJ100 airplanes in 2011-2012, the parties adopted the schedule for production and delivery of SaM146 engines proposed by PowerJet.

Representatives from Sukhoi and SCA noted with satisfaction the significant improvements in Saturn’s production development, particularly the increase in output capacity, implementation of lean technology, and as a result, the chance to increase output in line with growth in SCA sales.

“Our partners have seen a company modernized for production of the SaM146 engine whose particulars have allowed us to expand production up to five engines per month,” noted Saturn managing director Ilya Fedorov. “This is a new production line, modern equipment using monocrystalline casting and direct crystallization casting, a new specialized shop allocated to working on the rotor blades and sections of the SaM146’s low-pressure turbine nozzle assembly. At the same time, our partners have seen concrete results, particularly in the shortened preparation time for the most critical SaM146 units, especially the axles, production time for which has been cut by more than half. The representatives from Snecma, Sukhoi, and SCA were most impressed by Saturn’s development of lean technology.

According to Saturn’s deputy managing director and director of the SaM146 program Yuri Basyuk, “Most importantly, there are no issues with the delivery schedules for the aircraft engines. Everything has been agreed. We have adopted the plan proposed by SCA for 2011-2012 production and delivery, with emphasis on increased output capacity from October 2011.”