PowerJet to sign agreement with Gazpromavia on SaM146 engines after sales support

August 18, 2011, Rybinsk — As part of the MAKS-2011 aviation salon an agreement has been signed between Gazpromavia and PowerJet, the leading engine manufacturer, on after sales support for 20 SaM146s intended for Sukhoi Superjet 100s (SSJ100).

The agreement was signed by Andrei Ovcharenko, Gazpromavia Director General, and Jacques Desclaux, PowerJet Ñhairman and CEO.

„We are glad to sign this agreement with PowerJet for after sales support of the SaM146 propulsion systems, which will be installed on Sukhoi Superjet 100s. We hope that our partnership with PowerJet, the leading global engine manufacturer, will allow our company to maintain the highest level of flight safety and airplane reliability and reduce significantly operating expenses by the use of even more efficient engines, and, of course, to improve customer service and create more comfortable environment for our passengers,” said Andrei Ovcharenko, Gazpromavia Director General.

The document provides for main terms and conditions of the agreement between Gazpromavia and PowerJet relating to after sales support for the engines, accompanying documentation, personnel training, engine servicing with the customer, and warranty conditions. This allows PowerJet to prepare for and ensure the smooth launch of the SaM146 engines operating in the Gazpromavia fleet.

„PowerJet aims at full follow-through of the SSJ100 airplanes operated, thus creating a comprehensive customer support service that will meet all expectations of the airlines,” said Jacques Desclaux, PowerJet Chairman and CEO.

PowerJet aims to benefit its customers to the fullest extent possible, offering a product which exquisitely combines the advanced technology and recognized expertise.

On May 18, 2011, PowerJet announced establishment of its new comprehensive customer support service PowerLife™. This special structure, created to support and service the customers using SaM146 propulsion systems, provides fast and reliable access to services and information from everywhere on the Earth owing to a dedicated hotline for AOG incidents, working on a 24/7 basis.

PowerJet is the first global manufacturer of engines for regional jet airplanes to offer its customers a single contact center providing all types of support and services for the whole propulsion system, including the engine, nacelles, and equipment.

PowerJet, founded in July 2004, is a joint venture of Snecma (Safran Group, France) and NPO Saturn (Russia). The company is responsible for all aspects of the SaM146 engine program, including development, production, marketing, and sales, and well as customer support and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul). In April 2003 the SaM146 engine was chosen by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft as the propulsion for its new regional jet the Superjet 100.

Gazpromavia is the general air carrier for Gazprom and its subsidiaries. In addition, the company has recently been actively building up its commercial operation and is one of the leaders in Russian business aviation, operating the country’s largest fleet of business-class aircraft and world-class on-board service. Gazpromavia offers full range of flight services. The airline’s flights combine the high standard of safety with quality service.

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