Perm Engine Company JSC quality management system meets the standards

Perm  14.10.2011  The planned inspection audits of the quality of management systems (QMS) at the Perm Engine Company has been completed, and confirmed compliance with the standards GOST   9001-2008, GOST  15.002-2003 and STO Gazprom 9001-2006 in the voluntary certification standards GOST , Military Register, and Gazprom JSC. The audits were conducted by expert committees from the independent certification centers Kachestvo CA and Pronap JSC.

The expert committees have determined that the existing quality management system at PEC JSC meets all the standards. The realization of polices and the goals set in the area of quality control allow the Perm Engine Company JSC to produce output that meets consumers high demands.

In order to address the notes made by the committees during the audits, the company has developed and is already to implement a series of necessary measures, aimed at the long-term improvement of quality management systems in the enterprise.

Alexei Mikhalyov, Perm Engine Company JSC managing director, commented on the significance of the work of the expert committees:

We attach great importance to maintaining the high level of standards and perfecting the quality management system at the JSC Perm Engine Company. For most of our clients, it is an essential condition for partnership that our system meets the standards. Regular audits conducted by certification centers allow us to highlight areas that need improvement, determine goals for further development of our quality management system, and target our work to meet those goals. And this must in turn have a positive effect on our competitiveness and the quality of aviation engines and gas turbines that we produce.


GOST   9001-2008  is the Russian Federation state standard, establishing general requirements for QMS (quality management systems).

GOST  15.002-2003  is the Russian Federation state standard, establishing requirements for QMS in the development and production of items for military and dual-use applications.

STO Gazprom 9001-2006 is the Gazprom standard, establishing requirements for QMS in the development and production of items for Gazprom.

Perm Engine Company JSC is a producer of aviation engines for civil and military applications, and of industrial gas turbine units for power plants and gas transportation.

PEC JSC is a part of the United Engine Corporation, a wholly-specialized subsidiary of military-industrial complex OBORONPROM JSC specializing in engine-building assets.

Military-industrial complex OBORONPROM JSC is a multi-profile industrial group created in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its major areas of business are helicopter engineering (Russian Helicopters) and engine building (UEC).

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