Perm-built GTU works more than 40,000 hours without repairs

The GTU-19P gas turbine unit made by Perm Engine Company and installed at Gazprom transgaz Yugorskĺs Purovskaya-2 compressor station has worked more than 40,000 hours without repairs, and continues to work meeting all its guaranteed operating characteristics.

For units based on the PS-90A gas generator engine, this is a record number of running hours. Two other units of the same type at the Purovskaya-2 station have achieved more than 30,000 running hours.

Alexey Mikhalyov, managing director of Perm Engine Company:

ôSeveral hundred of our gas turbine units are in operation at sites belonging to Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, and others, and of these, more than thirty have already exceeded their expected operational span according to their technical specifications. In total, Perm Engine Company has produced and delivered 615 gas turbine units, and has been the undisputed leader on the Russian GTU market for the past five years. Since early 2011 our company has released 35 new gas turbine units and refurbished 48 more. I would like to note that specialists especially value our units for their good value for money, reliability, and longevity.ö

Information: The GTU-16P is the most popular gas turbine unit out of the 12 that Perm Engine Company manufactures. Since 2004, PMZ has made and delivered 205 GTU-16P units. The record-holding unit has been in operation at the Purovskaya-2 compressor station since December 2004.

Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk is a Russian gas transportation company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom. It handles the transportation of more than 85% of the gas extracted in Russia. Gazprom transgaz Yugork compressor and electrical stations operate 109 gas turbine units manufactured by the Perm Engine Company.

Perm Engine Company (PMZ) mass produces aviation engines for civil and military applications, as well as industrial gas turbine units for power stations and gas transportation.

PMZ is part of the United Engine Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM specializing in engine-building assets.

OBORONPROM is a multi-faceted machine-building group of companies, founded in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its primary activities are helicopter building (Russian Helicopters) and engine-building (UEC).