Perm Engine Company confirms the right to repair aviation technology

Perm Engine Company (PMZ) has successfully undergone a scheduled certification audit of its repair workshop for aviation engines and construction elements of helicopter gears, upon completion of the audit the company has received Compliance Certificate No. 2021110435.
Based on this audit, the Managing Committee for supporting the airworthiness of the civil aviation fleet under the Federal Agency for Air Transportation (Rosaviatsia), has concluded that PMZ meets the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations FAR-145 on organizing repair of engines for civil aviation applications. The certificate obtained confirms PMZs right to conduct overhauls as well as general repairs and servicing, and work to launch the following engines: PS-90A, PS-90A1, PS-90A76, D-30 series II, III, TV2-117A, TV2-117AG, general repairs on PS-90A2, as well as overhaul on parts and the main gear units for VR-8A, VR-14, and VR-26 engines for Mi-8, Mi-17, and Mi-26 helicopters.
At the same time, the Air Registration Board of the International Aviation Committee (AR MAK) conducted an audit with a positive outcome, looking at the repair facilities for aviation engines meeting AR-145 aviation regulations. The extension of the validity of CPR-41 Certificate is currently in process.
Alexey Mikhalev, Perm Engine Company Managing Director,
commented on the significance of the companys repair facilities certification:
The volume of repairs on engines and gears that we carry out at the factory grows each year, as does the share of such work in our companys business plan. Therefore, we have always devoted and continue to devote a great deal of attention to maintain these repair facilities at the highest levels of quality. Regular audits by the aviation administration help us uncover and correct any inadequacies, plan the long-term development of our repair facilities and, of course, such audits have a positive effect on the quality of our work.

Perm Engine Company (PMZ) is a mass producer of aviation engines for civil and military applications, as well as industrial gas turbine units for power stations and gas transportation.
PMZ is part of the
United Engine Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM specializing in engine-building assets.
is a multi-faceted machine-building group of companies, founded in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its primary activities include helicopter building (Russian Helicopters) and engine-building (UEC).