Aviadvigatel is the best company in Perm
Aviadvigatel won the competition ‘Best Company in the city on production efficiency and solving social issues’, in the category ‘scientific research and development’.
Acting Grandfather Frost
Perm engine builders were part of the holiday season campaign to help children in orphanages and children’s homes in the Perm region, as well as those undergoing treatment in the Perm Oncohematological Center
Aviadvigatel chief designer Aleksandr Inozemtsev joins the Perm municipal trustees committee
The public committee of municipal trustees was created on the initiative of head of Perm administration Anatoliy Makhovikov. The idea to create this new public structure was first voiced in the summer at the meeting of city leadership with Perm region governor Viktor Basargin.
Perm Engine Company rounds up the year by delivering gas turbine units to Gazprom
Perm/December 19, 2012. On December 14 Perm Engine Company delivered GTU-10P gas turbine unit with a capacity of 10 mW for the gas booster station (GBS), the UKPG-1AB gas processing plant at the Urengoysky oil and gas field belonging to Gazprom Extraction Urengoy.
UEC launches a new facility at its design and production complex in St. Petersburg
The United Engine Corporation has launched a new production facility as part of its Petersburg Engines project.
RD-33MK engine for naval MiGs passes testing successfully
Klimov, part of the United Engine Corporation, has received an Act for State Test Stand on RD-33MK turboshaft engine.
First Perm-built GTU is delivered to the South Stream gas pipeline
Perm/December 18, 2012. In December the Perm Engine Company under its agreement with the United Engine Company (UEC) delivered the first GTU-12P gas turbine unit with 12 mW capacity for the Kubanskaya compressor station. A total of four GTU-12Ps are planned for Kubanskaya.
UEC begins testing VK-2500, the first helicopter engine from Russian parts
On December 18, 2012, at Shuvalovo at the production facility of Klimov, a United Engine Corporation subsidiary, the company began testing VK-2500 helicopter engine, the first to be built entirely of Russian parts.
SMK and NPO Saturn sign long-term agreement on delivery
“Signing this deal with Saturn takes us up to a fundamentally different level of strategic partnership with UEC,” said SMK general director Vladimir Chertovikov.
NPO Saturn and state company VIAM sign cooperation agreement
As part of the visit, the guests learned about the scientific production and testing facilities, laboratories, certified light-weight production, and the research center for high-gradient technology for casting single-crystal blades.
Young engine-builders in Perm and Rybinsk establish cooperation
Perm/December 12, 2012. On December 6-7, Perm Engine Company was visited by a delegation of young specialists from NPO Saturn (Rybinsk). The goal of this meeting between young engine-builders of Perm and Rybinsk was to share experiences and traditions of the youth assets of these two leading domestic manufacturers of gas turbines, united since October 2012 in the Engines for Civil Aviation division.
Uralskaya Kuznitsa and Elektroprivod named the best Perm Engine Company suppliers for 2012
Perm/December 12, 2012. On December 5-6, Perm Engine Company held its annual meeting with large suppliers of raw materials, blanks, and components
SATURN and VIAM sign Agreement
On December 11, 2012, the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM) was visited by a delegation from NPO Saturn, headed by Managing Director Ilya Fedorov.
Saturn Gas Turbines takes part in the 3rd Yaroslavl Energy Forum
The event took place on December 4-6, 2012. Saturn Gas Turbine’s exhibition described the company’s special areas of expertise connected with developing programs for power provision in the regions, as well as the advantages of using small distributed generation installations. Particular attention was devoted to the model of 2 mW combined cycle power unit.
UEC improves the efficiency of its companies in Perm
General Director of the United Engine Corporation – part of Russian Technologies – Vladislav Masalov visited UEC’s Perm companies and evaluated the potential to drastically increase their efficiency.
«Aviadvigatel» wins «New Time» gold
New developments by Aviadvigatel specialists have won gold medals, diplomas, and special prizes at the 8th New Time International salon of Inventions and New Technology.
Saturn Gas Turbines wins quality competition
Saturn Gas Turbines was announced as the winner of the 8th annual International Quality Competition for countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
«Aviadvigatel»: Quick adaptation of young specialists is secured
In 2012, 50 graduates from leading Perm educational institutions joined the ranks of Aviadvigatel. To bring the young employees into the production process as fast as possible, this November the company began its traditional course of internal training, which has gained the unofficial title of Young Warriors’ Course.
Saturn Gas Turbines gets a positive review from Gazprom
Saturn Gas Turbines has received a positive review from Gazprom, confirming the company’s organizational and technical readiness to fulfil the function of a general contractor on the construction and rebuilding of Gazprom facilities to transport and extract gas.
Aviadvigatel Chief Designer Alexander Inozemtsev joins the civic committee of trustees for the city of Perm
The Civic Committee of Trustees for the city was created at the initiative of the Head of the Perm municipal administration Anatoly Makhovikov.
Saturn Gas Turbines presents its products in Turkmenistan
Saturn Gas Turbines (part of the United Engine Corporation) took part in the international forum ‘Oil and Gas in Turkmenistan’, held in Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, on November 14-16, 2012.
Saturn and Uralskaya Kuznitsa sign long-term products supply contract
On November 15, 2012 at the International Exhibition Metal Expo 2012, the Russian engine-building company Saturn and the Russian metallurgical company Uralskaya Kuznitsa, part of the Mechel company, signed a long-term contract for 2013-2015 on the delivery of forged and stamped products. The total volume of sales under the three-year contract will be about 400 tons.
UEC reorganizes the holding management structure
The United Engine Corporation has instituted the role of Deputy General Director responsible for the corporation’s production division and a Deputy General Director for legal matters and corporate management.
SMK and Saturn sign long-term contract
At the International Industrial Exhibition Metal Expo 2012, the Russian metallurgical company SMK and the Russian engine-building company Saturn have signed a long-term contract for the period 2013-2015 on the delivery of heat-proof products.
UEC shows off new engines at Airshow China-2012
United Engine Corporation, a subsidiary of OBORONPROM, which itself is a part of the Russian Technologies corporation, is taking part in the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, In China from November 13 to 18, 2012.
MS-21 aircraft with the fifth-generation PD-14 engines meets the state client’s requirements
Moscow/November 08, 2012. The United Engine Corporation and the Irkut Corporation have presented MS-21 aircraft with Russian-made fifth-generation PD-14 engines to the state client.
Aviadvigatel is developing power capacity for the Irkutsk Oil Company
Aviadvigatel and the Irkutsk Oil Company (IOC) have signed a supplementary agreement to their contract on preparing, installing, and commissioning the fourth Urals-series gas turbine power station for the needs of the Yaraktinsky Oil and Gas Condensate Field.
Aviadvigatel Gas Turbine Power Stations have worked a decade in the Bashkir city of Agidel
October 2012 marked 10 years since the launch of the GTU-TPP power station in Agidel.
PS-90A2 engines by the Perm design firm pass water tests on the Tu-204SM airplane
In October the Tu-204SM (No. 64151) successfully passed tests as part of the Program of certification of special testing of the Tu-204SM plane with the PS-90A2 engine in taxi mode, take-off, and landing on wet and covered with water runways. Previously, the airplane had passed tests for frost in Yakutsk and for heat, in the United Arab Emirates.
The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade expresses gratitude to aviadvigatel's chief metallurgist
The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced its gratitude to the Chief Metallurgist of Aviadvigatel, Alexander Koryakovtsev. Alexander Sergeevich Koryakovtsev received the high honor for his many years of service and his personal contribution to the development of the machine-building industry.
Equipment developed by the Perm design firm Is the part of the system at the Yamal gas fields
On October 23, 2012 Gazprom started commercial operations at the Bovanenkovskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field (BOGF) – the first thread of a gas pipeline and four of the six gas turbine units in the first chain of the main compressor station Baydaratskaya, belonging to Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta.
Skoltech and OBORONPROM sign contract
As part of the international Open Innovations forum in Moscow, the president of the Skolkovsky Institute of Science and Technology Edward Crowley and OBORONPROM corporation general director DmitryLelikov have signed a contract on cooperation on education, science, and technological developments.
Russian Technologies, INTER RAO UES Group, and GE have laid the first stone at a factory to produce 6FA gas turbine units
The Russian Technologies Corporation, INTER RAO UES Group, and GE have laid the first stone at a factory to produce 6FA gas turbine units under the auspices of the joint company Russian Gas Turbines. The United Engine Corporation will be representing Russian Technologies’ interests in the joint company. The new factory will start making turbines in the second quarter of 2014.
In September Saturn Gas Turbines took part in the exhibition Main Areas of Development for the Energy Industry of Turkmenistan 2012, in the city of Ashkhabad
Representatives of Saturn Gas Turbines gave a presentation on implementing gas turbine and gas piston equipment and the construction of energy installations to the exhibition participants.
Saturn Gas Turbines has received new equipment from the Italian firm FICEP – an automated machine line for drilling and thermal cutting of cross sections
The automated machine line from FICEP is designed to work on cross section and flat steel components. The modules for plasma and drilling work are solid, bridge-type box frames.
Saturn Gas Turbines visits large exhibition in Kazakhstan
The KIOGE-2012 exhibition was held October 2-5 in Almaty at the Atakant complex. It is the largest oil and gas exhibition in the Caspian Sea Region.
Perm Engine Company holds a professional skills competition
Perm/October 30, 2012. On October 24-27, the Perm Engine Company held its annual competition of professional skills among young workers, craftsmen, and engineers. The goal is to promote trades and the engineering profession, raise the prestige of labor with line managers (senior craftsmen and division managers), attract young people to increase numbers in industrial labor, and ensure the quality of the finished product.
PS-90A engines on Tu airplanes work a total of more than 1 million hours
Perm/October 25, 2012. In October 2012 the total number of hours worked by the PS-90A aviation engines installed on Tu airplanes exceeded 1 million hours, totalling 1,000,991 hours.
Cubana de Aviacion management rates Perm Engine Company highly
Perm/October 25, 2012. From October 16-18, 2012, the fourth flight-technical conference on supporting airworthiness of the Il-96 and Tu-204 aircraft currently in use at the Cuban national airline Cubana de Aviacion, was held in Havana (Cuba). Conference organizers included the United Engine Corporation, the Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC) leasing company, the Republic of Cuba Institute of Civil Aviation, and Cubana de Aviacion.
Coordinated council formed on the development of Gas turbine and power station construction innovative territorial cluster, led by the Governor of the Yaroslavl Region
By order of the Governor of the Yaroslavl Region No. 494 issued September 27, 2012, a coordinated council has been formed to develop Gas turbine and power station construction cluster under the Governor of the Region and confirmed by a draft indicating the principles of organization for the council’s activities.
Kuznetsov visited by a delegation from Aerojet and Orbital Sciences
A delegation from Aerojet and Orbital Sciences (USA) has begun working at the Kuznetsov factory. The primary goal of the visit to the Samara company is to discuss issues of technical assistance from specialists from the factory’s project to adapt the NK-33/AJ26 engine for the RN Taurus II (Antares), the launch of which is planned for early 2013.
Young scientists from Aviadvigatel are always in front
Specialists from the Perm design firm took part in the 17th international congress of engine-builders, which took place in the Crimea in September, 2012.
Young specialists in the engine-building industry take part in the Engine-Builders of the Future Forum
On October 12-14, 2012, the best young employees of Russia’s engine-building industry gathered in Rusa, in the Moscow Region. They all took part in the first corporate youth Forum Engine-builders of the Future, organized by the corporate university of OBORONPROM and Salyut Gas Turbines.
UEC completes licensing for repair work on engines in Egypt
Klimov, part of the United Engine Corporation (UEC), has completed licensing procedures for repair work of helicopter engines in Egypt. The implementation of this project will allow it to conduct repairs on Russian engines installed on Mi-8/17 and Mi-24 helicopters, in accordance with the developer’s requirements, thereby improving operational safety of the equipment in the North African Region.
UEC carries out licensing for engine repair in Egypt
Klimov, being a part of the United Engine Corporation (UEC), has finished the procedure to license repair facilities for helicopter engines in Egypt. Implementing this project will enable the repair of Russian engines installed on the Mi-8/17 and Mi-24 helicopters, in accordance with the developer’s requirements, thereby improving operational safety in the North African region.
‘Lift off’ for young Perm Engine Company specialists
In September, 20 young specialists from the Perm Engine Company who had recently joined it took part in the team-building training ‘Lift Off’. Holding this training during Indian Summer, in a forest near NPO Biomed, has become a tradition for various team building events for PMZ.
PMZ prepares for the final stage of the QMS certification audit for AS/EN9100
Perm Engine Company has completed the first (preliminary) stage of the certification audit of Quality Management Systems to meet the international ISO 9001 and AS/EN9100 standards.
Perm Engine Company performs modular maintenance on the PS-90A engine
At the end of August, the Perm Engine Company customer support department repaired a PS-90A engine by replacing the high-pressure turbines (HPT), on-site at Silk Way Airlines.
Perm Engine Company employees get first housing certificates with support of Sberbank Russia
On August 15, Perm Engine Company managing director Aleksey Mikhailyov presented 15 company employees with named, numbered certificates of participation in the corporate housing program, being implemented in partnership with Western-Urals Sberbank Russia.
Perm engine builders take part in celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force and Air Force Day
In August, employees of Perm Engine Company took part in celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force and Air Force Day.
Perm Engine Company leaders take part in QMS seminar
The upper-level managers and specialists from PMZ took part in a seminar on Quality Management System as a means to perfect company management systems, based on principles of quality management.
Vladivostok Avia – best operator of the PS-90A engine
Perm Engine Company and Aviadvigatel have named the best operator of the PS-90A engine, Vladivostok Avia.
United Engine Corporation congratulates the Russian Air Force on its 100th birthday!
The Russian company United Engine Corporation, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, congratulates the Russian Air Force with a big anniversary — 100 years since the foundation of Russian military aviation!
Perm Engine Company specialists hold a lean projects competition at Engineers of the Future 2012
Five young specialists from the Perm Engine Company have made successful presentations at the second annual youth in industry forum ‘Engineers of the Future’ 2012, which took place on the shores of Lake Baikal in the village of BolshoyeGoloustnoe in the Irkutsk region, gathering more than 1,500 Russian specialists, academics, graduate students, and students, from 355 industrial enterprises and more than 50 leading higher education institutions.
NPO Saturn’s Lean Projects honored with a diploma from the Second International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future 2012’
August 2, 2012, Rybinsk — NPO Saturn’s Lean Projects have been honored with diplomas by the Second International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future 2012’, held on July 19-30, 2012, on the shores of Lake Baikal at the initiative and with support from the Russian Engineering Union, the Irkutsk regional government, and state corporation Russian Technologies.
Lean projects competition in machine building goes to the inter-sector level
On July 25-26 as part of the second international young industrialists forum Engineers of the Future 2012, OBORONPROM corporate university together with the department for developing production systems of UEC and the directorate for the development of production systems at Sukhoi organized a lean projects competition.
UMPO – testing on the PD-14 engine is going well
Nodes produced by UMPO as part of the first working example of the PD-14 are successfully undergoing testing at Aviadvigatel in Perm. The engine, intended for the new MS-21 civil aircraft, has worked more than 20 hours.
A delegation from the United Engine Corporation took part in the second international youth industrial forum Engineers of the Future 2012
On July 19-28, 2012, a delegation of young specialists from the United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary company of OBORONPROM), took part in the second international youth industrial forum Engineers of the Future 2012, organized by the Russian Engineering Union together with the Irkutsk region government, on the shores of Lake Baikal.
24th Saturn Youth Rally held
Saturn held its 24th annual (summer) youth rally on July 27-29, 2012.
Summer brings new UMPO records on delivery
The summer months saw UMPO set new records on delivery of finished products.
Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin guarantees support for Perm engine builders
On July 20 a delegation of leaders from the Military-Industrial committee of the Russian Government, headed by the committee chairman deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin and Perm region governor Viktor Basargin, visited the Perm Engine Company.
Perm Engine Company increases production efficiency
On July 17-19, the Perm Engine Company underwent a master class on the ‘brain storming’ method.
The development of the ‘Gas turbine and power machine building’ innovative regional cluster coordinated by NPO Saturn is a priority for municipal and regional authorities in the Yaroslavl region
The development of a plan for joint work to organize and coordinate the cluster by the regional and municipal authorities under the program for development of the ‘Gas turbine and power machine building’ innovative regional cluster was the subject of a meeting held on July 26 at Saturn.
The UMPO center for technologicalcompetency in casting prepares for state inspection
UMPO is continuing work to create a center for technological competency on aluminumand titanium casting (CTC AT).
UEC shareholders’ meeting confirms changes in the company management system
Moscow. July 19, 2012 — The shareholders’ meeting of the United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary of OBORONPROM) has confirmed the company’s new management system.
UMPO hires 2012 graduates
UMPO has taken on 49 2012 graduates, of whom 37 workers were hired as part of the republican program to ease the labor market.
Team of young specialists from Saturn takes part in the second international industrial forum ‘Engineers of the Future’
July 18, 2012, Rybinsk — July 19 in Irkutsk will see the start of the Second International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future 2012’, the goal of which is to consolidate the strengths of young specialists to achieve tasks aimed at developing industrial enterprise.
Saturn Gas Turbines provides humanitarian aid to the Krasnodar region
Saturn Gas Turbines has taken part in providing aid to flood victims in the Krasnodar region.
UMPO youth present their projects at the international rally of machine builders
Nine young employees from UMPO have set off for the rally of machine builders at Lake Baikal.
UMPO and Ufa State Aviation University present preliminary results of their joint work
On July 5-7 the scientific and practical conference Developing Cooperation between Institutional Sciences and Manufacturing will take place in Ufa, co-organized by the Ufa Engine Industrial Association.
Engine builders hold their traditional recreational gathering
In June, several hundred young employees with Perm Engine Company gathered at the factory’s traditional three-day recreational gathering. The best participants represented PMZ at the rally of working youth in the Sverdlovsk district in the city of Perm.
Saturn Youth Council named best association for working youth in the region
July 3, 2012, Rybinsk — NPO Saturn’s youth council has been named the best association for working youth in the region. Winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition for professional skills in the sphere of youth policy — 2012 and the winners of the first ever Prizma awards for service in youth policy in the Yaroslavl region were honored on Russia’s Youth Day.
Saturn Gas Turbines takes part in OIL AND GAS 2012
The company was represented at the United Engine Corporation (UEC) stand.
Best and brightest chosen at PMZ
In June the Perm Engine Company held three sporting events at once – the traditional factory track and field meet, and the first ever ‘Dozor-PM’ games and the first ever factory paintball tournament.
Perm Engine Company is a sponsor of the All-Russia Olympiad
The Perm Engine Company is sponsoring the All-Russia Olympiad for students of educational institutions starting their professional education as machine tool operators, which will be held June 7-8 at the Professional Lycee No. 1 in Perm.
Perm Engine Company employees earn 5 medals at all-Russian games
The Perm Engine Company team has a successful trip to the all-Russian games ‘Russian Technologies – Russian Corporate Games’, held in Moscow on June 9-11.
Perm Engine Company holds a seminar on energy conservation
On June 4-8 the Perm Engine Company held a seminar for managers and top employees of OBORONPROM on the subject of energy conservation and increasing energy efficiency. Representatives from PMZ, Aviadvigatel, STAR, Kuznetsov, UMPO, NOP Saturn, and other companies in the corporation took part in it.
Perm Engine Company has made the main part of the nodes for the first PD-14 demonstration engine
On May 30, the Aviadvigatel assembly workshop assembled and delivered for testing the first demonstration engine of the fifth generation PD-14 engine.
United Engine Corporation takes part in Farnborough International Airshow 2012
UEC includes nine companies that specialize in developing and producing complex, modern technical products – rocket and aviation engines, industrial gas turbine units for transporting gas in the country’s major gas pipelines, and equipment for power installations, municipal and agricultural applications, coal, refining, and other industrial sectors, both in Russia and abroad.
Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry names UMPO best arms industry exporter
The Ufa Engine Industrial Association has been named by the Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry as the best arms industry exporter of 2011.
Perm Engine Company holds annual shareholders’ meeting
The annual shareholders’ meeting of Perm Engine Company took place on June 7, 2012. 99.65% of the voting shares were present at the meeting.
Perm Engines holds annual shareholder meeting
Perm Engines held its shareholder annual general meeting on June 7, 2012, which reviewed the company’s 2011 results. The shareholders confirmed the annual report and annual financial statements for 2011.
NOMOS Bank opens a credit line for Perm Engine Company of up to 1 billion rubles
The Perm branch of NOMOS Bank has opened a credit line of up to 1 billion rubles for the Perm Engine Company – a leader in aviation and industrial engine building in Russia and the CIS (and part of the United Engine Corporation).
Perm Engine Company and Sberbank Russia sign agreement on long-term cooperation
On May 31, Perm Engine Company and Western-Urals Sberbank Russia signed an agreement on long-term cooperation. The document was signed as part of the visit by Vladimir Yashin, director of working with machine building clients at Sberbank Russia, and AleksandrKamalov, first deputy chairman of Western-Urals Sberbank Russia, at the Perm Engine Company.
Fifth generation aviation engine – for the factory’s anniversary!
On June 1 the Perm Engine Company held an event to mark the company’s 78th anniversary.
Perm Engine Company team gets stronger
The Perm Engine Company is continuing the process of rotating management staff – specialists are attracted from subdepartments, whose knowledge, experience, and competencies are best suited to meet the needs of the growing company. In May, three new people appeared in the ranks of heads of key departments.
Perm Engine Company holds planned certification of aviation engine production
In May 2012 the board of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC) carried out the planned certification of the mass production of the PS-90A, PS-90A1, PS-90A2, and PS-90A-76 aviation engines, as well as the production of parts for the D-30 KU, D-30 KP, D-30-KU-154 engines at Perm Engine Company, under the Aviation RulesAP-21, 21.2D.
Perm Engine Company holds planned certification of aviation engine production
In May 2012 the board of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC) carried out the planned certification of the mass production of the PS-90A, PS-90A1, PS-90A2, and PS-90A-76 aviation engines, as well as the production of parts for the D-30 KU, D-30 KP, D-30-KU-154 engines at Perm Engine Company, under the Aviation RulesAP-21, 21.2D.
Saturn Gas Turbines wins environmental competition
Saturn Gas Turbines has been named the winner of the competition ‘100 best Russian Organizations – Ecology and Environmental Management’ 2012.
UMPO head Aleksandr Artyukhov in the top 100 Russian industrialists
Managing director of the Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) Aleksandr Artyukhov was included in the Russia’s Industrial Elite – the 100 best industrial managers’ ranking by the Production Management website.
Perm Engine Company leaders among the top 100 production managers in Russia
The business website ‘Production management’ has published the results of its annual ranking of ‘Russia’s industrial elite – the top 100 production managers of 2012’.
Perm region governor Viktor Basargin included in solving the problems of the region’s companies
On May 15, 2012, on the initiative of the Perm region governor Viktor Basargin who took up the position on May 5, 2012, there was a meeting of the regional employers’ union of the Perm region, ‘Sotrudnichestvo’.
Perm Engine Company makes three gas turbine units for Gazprom Urengoy extraction
The Perm Engine Company under its contract with Iskra-Avigaz has made three gas turbine units GTU-10P for Gazprom Urengoyextraction. All three Perm GTUs are 10 mW capacity and intended for use as actuating units in a booster compressor station (BCS) of the gas processing plant UKPG -8B at the Urengoisky oil and gas condensate field.
Perm engine builders named suppliers of the PS-90A3u engine
In April 2012 the conference ‘Potential developments of the PS-90A engine’ was held in Moscow, in the course of which there was a presentation of the PS-90A3u engine, intended to replace the PS-90A family of engines certified for the Il-96, Tu-204/214, and Il-76TD-90 aircraft.
Leaders of United Engine Corporation, OBORONPROM, and Russian Helicopters included in the Russian Industrial Elite ranking
Yesterday the annual ranking of the country’s top managers in the industrial sector, prepared by the ‘Industrial management’ website, was released. The ranking includes in ‘Russia’s industrial elite – the 100 best production managers of 2012’ the managers of OBORONPROM, Russian Helicopters, and the United Engine Corporation, as well as other enterprises that are part of these holdings.
PMZ managing director AlekseyMikhailyov congratulates Perm region governor Viktor Basargin on his new position
On May 5, Perm Engine Company managing director AlekseyMikhailyov took part in a celebration to welcome new Perm region governor Viktor Basargin to his job. In his address from the PMZ team to the new head of the region, he said:
Bank investment into the ‘fifth’ generation aviation engine
In mid-April at a session of the planning committee of United Engine Corporation Management Company chaired by OBORONPROM general director Andrei Reus, two of the five projects in the program for potential development of the Perm Engine Company’s ‘Strategy 2020’ – Creating an Assembly and Test Center, and Reorganizing the Repair Workshop.
The AL-31FP engine made by UMPO is presented at the Engines 2012 exhibition in Moscow
As a part of United Engine Corporation’s exhibit at the Engines 2012 exhibition in Moscow, a full-scale model of the AL-31FP engine was on display, as made by the Ufa Engine Industrial Association.
‘Moon’ engine completes inter-agency testing
Last Friday the NK-33A engine completed the cycle of inter-agency testing (IAT).
Perm Engine Company preparing ‘fifth generation’ specialists
In 2012 101 employees of the Perm Engine Company and technologically connected companies received diplomas in higher and secondary professional education via evening and correspondence study programs. One in six of them had their training funded by the company.
NPO Saturn took part in the 12th international salon Engines 2012
NPO Saturn has taken part in the Twelfth International Salon Engines 2012, finishing up today at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow.
Gazprom delegation at Saturn Gas Turbines
On April 19 an official delegation from Gazprom, headed by the chief of department for transportation, storage, and usage of gas, Oleg Yevgenevich Aksyutin, visited Saturn Gas Turbines.
Perm Engine Company at the International Salon Engines 2012
On April 18, the second day of the 12th annual international salon Engines 2012, the leaders of the Perm Engine Company held a round of talks and meetings with key suppliers and clients.
Perm Engine Company at the International Salon Engines 2012
The International Salon ‘Engines 2012’ got underway on April 17 in pavilion 57 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. The opening ceremony included the deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Igor Karavaev, the president of the International Association of Engine-builders Viktor Chuiko, and managing director of the United Engine Corporation Dmitry Kolodyazhny.
PS-90A aviation engine has flown 3 million hours
In April 2012, the sum total of hours in the air of aircraft equipped with the Russian civil aviation PS-90A engine made by the Perm Engine Company exceeded 3 million hours.
Perm Engine Company delivers three gas turbine units to new client
The Perm Engine Company under its contract with Iskra Energy has manufacturedand delivered three GTU-12PG-2 gas turbine units for a 36 mW power station. The client is the Russian-Vietnamese ‘Joint Company RUSVIETPETRO’, for whom this is the first time working with Perm suppliers of gas turbine power stations.
Saturn Founds the ‘Project Manager of the Year’ Annual Prize, Alexander Treshkin First Winner
April 10, 2012, Rybinsk In commemorating the first anniversary of the founding of subsidiary company SatIZ — the first manufacturing enterprise within the NPO Saturn and Instrumentalny Zavod project — Alexander Treshkin, SatIZ’s first General Director who has headed the company in its earliest stages, was named Project Manager of 2011.
Perm Engine Company: investment works
The Perm Engine Company has announced the results of its plan for organizational and technical development in 2011.
The Yaroslavl Regional Government Congratulates Saturn on Winning the XIIth All-Russia ‘Engineer of the Year-2011’ Competition
April 06, 2012, Rybinsk The government of the Yaroslavl Region congratulated the employees of Saturn on representing the region and winning the XIIth All-Russia ‘Engineer of the Year-2011’ competition.
Perm Engine Company Compensates Employees for the Costs of Buying a Home
Perm/April 06, 2012 By order of Perm Engine Company Managing Director Alexey Mikhalev, the company has begun a program called ‘Housing PMZ Employees 2012-2017’.
Rossiya Special Flight Detachment Receives Another Airplane with Perm-Built PS-90A Engines
Perm/April 05, 2012 The fleet of the Rossiya Special Flight Detachment under the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation has received another airplane with Perm-built PS-90A engines. The aircraft is a Tu-214SUS (special communications hub), tail number RA-64524.
Perm engine company specialists awarded ‘lean leader’ certificates by oboronprom
On March 15-17, 2012, representatives from Perm Engine Company took part in the second LEAN School at OBORONPROM Corporate University, which took place at Saturn in Rybinsk. The LEAN School, which brought together representatives from 17 companies from the United Engine Corporation and Russian Helicopters, was lead by OBORONPROM CEO Andrei Reus and Russian Helicopters CEO Dmitri Petrov.
Perm Engine Company Finished Equipping the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta Gas Pipeline
Perm/March 20, 2012 The Perm Engine Company delivered four GTU-25P gas turbine units to the Gagaratskaya and Usinskaya compressor stations on the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta trunk gas pipeline, completing delivery of its GTUs for the Gazprom pipeline.
Saturn holds the second LEAN School, organized by OBORONPROM
March 20, 2012, Rybinsk — The second LEAN School organized by OBORONPROM Corporate University was held March 15-17, 2012, at Saturn.
Saturn Announces 2011 Results
March 15, 2012, Rybinsk — Based on accounting results, Saturn has announced its financial results for 2011. Revenue from production amounted to 10.5 billion rubles, a growth of 7.9% compared to 2010.
Perm Engine Company Finishes Delivery of the Second Section of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline
Perm/March 15, 2012 In early March 2012 the Perm Engine Company delivered two gas turbine units (GTUs) for the trunk gas pipeline Nord Stream and thereby finished delivery of the second part of one of Gazprom’s most important assets. One GTU-16P is for the Shekinskaya compressor station and one is for the Pikalevskaya. All together a total of 29 Perm-built gas turbine units and four reserve engines have been delivered to four compressor stations on the pipeline.
Saturn Confirms it has Met all Requirements for an Employer Credibility Certificate
March 15, 2012, Rybinsk - On March 14 Saturn hosted a visit by the head of the State Labor Inspectorate for the Yaroslavl Region. After visiting Saturn’s production, testing, and training facilities, and meeting with the company leadership and labor union organizations to address the issue of complying with labor legislation, the authorities confirmed that Saturn fulfils all the requirements to secure an employer credibility certificate.
Saturn Successfully Undergoes Certification Audit on Production of the SaM146 Engine Series Meeting EASA Standards
March 14, 2012 Rybinsk Saturn has undergone a certification audit on production of the SaM146 series of engines by representatives from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
Perm Engine Company’s Best Women Workers Awarded Raisa Zemskova Prize
Perm/March 7, 2012 On March 6, the people of the Perm Engine Company celebrated International Women’s Day at the A.G. Soldatov Palace of Culture. The main event was the awards ceremony for the best female company employees, named after Raisa Alexandrovna Zemskova, holder of the Order of the Friendship of Peoples.
PMZ Completes the First Stage in Preparing Quality Management Systems for Production of the PD-14 Fifth-Generation Aviation Engine
Perm/March 6, 2012 In February the Perm Engine Company conducted a pre-certification audit of its quality management systems (QMS) against the AS 9100C international air and space standard. The audit was conducted by an expert from the International Certifying Center BUREAU VERITAS Rus.
Perm Engine Company Gets an A Credit Rating
Perm/March 6, 2012 On March 2, 2012, the Expert RA ratings agency awarded Perm Engine Company an A credit rating. Its prognosis was positive — PMZ has a highly-diversified business profile, highly-diversified debt structure, from December 31, 2008 to September 30, 2011 the volume of assets increased 28%, and PMZ’s currency risks are low.
UMPO Announces Preliminary Results for 2011
Ufa, March 6, 2012 The Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) has announced its 2011 results. The company’s income grew in comparison with 2010 and amounted to 21,065 million rubles (20,376 million rubles in 2010). The bulk of the company’s 2011 income was income from fulfilling contracts to deliver and service AL-31F aviation engines.
In 2011 Perm Engine Company trained more than 1,100 specialists on the PS-90A engine
The Perm Engine Company’s training center for customer support has announced its 2011 results. In the past year, the center has trained or re-trained more than 1,100 specialists, including training on servicing and running the PS-90A family of aviation engines (711 people) and industrial gas turbine units (415 people).
23rd Saturn Youth Rally
Saturn held its annual winter youth rally at the Chyornaya Rechka retreat near Rybinsk. This, the 23rd rally, was opened on February 23rd, Defenders of the Fatherland Day. Twenty-three teams vied with one another over the course of three days for victory and the Andrey Savin Cup — named for a person who did a great deal to develop the company’s youth policies.
Aviadvigatel takes part in Perm region education forum
In February 2012 the Perm Fair exhibition center hosted the 14th special exhibition on educational establishments, job placements, and achievements in industry education ‘Education and Careers 2012’. Aviadvigatel was the general sponsor for the education forum for the ninth time.
New Aviadvigatel Laboratory
The new testing laboratory to test strength and reliability of materials and parts for aviation engines at the Perm design bureau has received its accreditation certificate, confirming its technical competency. The certificate was issued to Aviadvigatel by the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency and the Interstate Aviation Committee. It is valid for five years.
Management of Chernyshev Machine-building enterprise turned over to UMPO
Ufa, February 20, 2012 — The Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) has taken on the role of the sole executive body for the Chernyshev Moscow Machine-building Enterprise. The corresponding agreement was signed between the two companies in January 2012, with a period of five years.
Klimov establishes the Klimov Scholarship for students from three higher-education institutions
St. Petersburg. Klimov establishes the Klimov Scholarship for students from three higher-education institutions — Polytech, Voenmekh, and FINEC — and one specialised secondary education establishment, Primorsky Lyceum.
The Perm Engine Company holds its annual conference on quality
The Perm Engine Company held a conference to examine how it met its quality goals and standards in 2011. Managers and specialists from Perm Engine Company, Aviadvigatel, Reduktor-PM, and subcontractors all took part.
Saturn’s innovative activities as the basis for development of small and medium businesses entering the global marketplace
February 16, 2012, Rybinsk — On February 15, 2012, at the Central House of Government in Moscow, there was an international conference entitled ‘Modernization and innovation as a strategy for successful integration of small and medium businesses into the global economic space under WTO conditions’.
Three airplanes with Perm-built PS-90A engines delivered to the Rossiya special-purpose air unit
Since the beginning of the year, the fleet of the Rossiya special-purpose air unit under the administration of the Russian President has been expanded by receipt of three aircrafts with Perm-built PS-90A engines.
Russian energy minister supports proposal for development of small-scale power generation in the Perm region
On February 8, as a part of the visit by a delegation of heads of federal ministries to Perm Engine Company, Russian Energy Minister Sergey Shmatko held a working conference attended by representatives from the Perm regional government, heads of Perm engine-building enterprises, Gazprom, and leading Russian energy companies.
NPO Saturn is the place to work out a proposal for solving the machine-building sector’s problem of preparing and strengthening its engineering and technical staff
February 13, 2012, Rybinsk — The Yaroslavl regional department of the Russian Engineering Union has put together a package of proposals and sent it to the regional and federal authorities. It includes a list of measures necessary to ensure a stable supply of qualified engineers and workers for Russian industry.
The heads of the federal ministries supported the proposals from Perm Engine Company
On February 8, acting on Prime Minister Putin’s instructions to expand government support for strategic sectors, addressed to cabinet ministers as a result of his conference with Perm regional industrialists on February 4, 2012, a delegation of federal ministers including Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina, acting Minister for Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, and the deputy ministers for finance and for regional development, came to visit Perm’s largest enterprises. The key point of the visit was a series of meetings at one of the country’s leading aviation engine-building companies — Perm Engine Company.
Oboronprom delegation visits Salut
Moscow. February 9, 2012 — A delegation from Oboronprom headed by CEO and member of the central committee of the Russian Engineering Union Andrey Reus visited Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘Gas-Turbine Engineering Research and Production Center’ Salut. The visit to the factory was part of the delegation’s trip around all the key companies in the Oboronprom Group, as well as those working with the corporation.
Perm Engine Company Managing Director Alexey Mikhalyov meets with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
This past Saturday, February 4 in Perm, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting with managers of the Perm region’s biggest economic drivers.
NPO Saturn employees receive a state award for their role in developing, certifying, and launching production of the SaM146 engine
February 03, 2012, Rybinsk — By order of the president of the Russian Federation, the NPO Saturn team has been awarded state orders for their significant role in developing, certifying, and launching production of the SaM146, which has important national significance.
NPO Saturn expands its social programs
As of February 1, 2012, workers at NPO Saturn’s headquarters in Rybinsk will be able to get a discount for the set meal at Saturn’s food production facility. The cost of the set meal in the factory cafeteria is set at 60 rubles. Taking into account the discount, the cost of the set meal (upon production of the discount card) will be just 30 rubles.
Perm Engine Company made 48 gas turbine units, 32 of which were for Gazprom, in 2011
In 2011 Perm Engine Company manufactured and delivered to the customer 48 gas turbine units, including 13 GTUs for use in power installations and 35 for gas compressor units. It repaired 48 units.
Raiffeisenbank (Czech Republic) and NPO Saturn sign agreement on financing delivery of technological equipment
On January 21 in Prague, NPO Saturn and Raiffeisenbank (Czech Republic) signed two loan agreements for a total sum of 4.6 million EUR.
UMPO head Alexander Artyukhov chosen as Chairman of the Bashkortostan regional department of Russian Engineering Union
Alexander Artyukhov, managing director of the Ufa Engine Industrial Association, was unanimously chosen as the new chairman of the Bashkortostan regional department of the Russian Engineering Union. The powers of the previous chairman, general director of the Ufa Aggregate Production Association Yury Poroshin, were curtailed at his request.
NPO Saturn expands its list of purchasing using the b2b-saturn e-commerce platform
The idea of organizing competitive bidding with the goal of optimizing purchasing using the b2b-saturn e-commerce platform, integrated into the unified b2b-Center system of e-commerce, came up at Saturn in October 2010. In 2011 Saturn took the first steps towards conducting purchasing on a competitive basis. Between May and December 2011, 194 trades were placed using the b2b-saturn platform, amounting to no more than 10% of the company’s total purchasing. The total savings on these trades amounted to 8.5%, which was a good result.
January 24 marks 120 years since the birth of Arkady Shvetsov – the founder of the Perm Engine Building School
January 24, 2012, marked 120 years since the birth of Arkady Dmitrievich Shvetsov, designer of aviation engines, and one of the founders of the Perm Engine Company and Aviadvigatel.
SaM146 Engine Certified by EASA
Paris, January 23, 2012 — January 17, 2012. PowerJet has received a Certificate for the SaM146 1S18 engine for regional aircraft from the European Air Safety Agency (EASA).
OBORONPROM leadership praises PMZ’s innovative development
On January 20 the Perm Engine Company welcomed a delegation from the leadership of the United Industrial Corporation OBORONPROM (including United Engine Corporation and Russian Helicopters), headed by OBORONPROM CEO and member of the central committee of the Russian Engineering Union Andrey Geogrievich Reus.
Oboronprom and UEC Management visit NPO Saturn
The management of Oboronprom and United Engine Corporation headed by CEO and member of the central committee of the Russian Engineering Union Andrey Reus visited NPO Saturn on January 18, 2012.
Oboronprom CEO Andrey Reus and Perm Krai Governor Oleg Chirkunov launch a unique new production complex
On Friday, January 20, a delegation from United Industrial Corporation OBORONPROM (including United Engine Corporation and Russian Helicopters) — headed by OBORONPROM CEO and member of the central committee of the Russian Engineering Union Andrey Geogrievich Reus — will visit the Perm Engine Company site.
Perm Engine Company’s efficiency and quality praised in a letter of thanks
The leadership of the Ivanovo affiliate of TGK-6 have sent the Perm Engine Company a letter thanking the company for its efficiency and the quality of the work it carried out for them.
Mentorship program at Perm Engine Company named the best
At the turn of the year, the Perm municipal administration announced the results of a competition among industrial enterprises called “Mentor of the Year”, organized by the city’s committee on youth policy. Perm Engine Company won in the category ‘Best mentorship program at a Perm company’. This is the second year in a row that the Perm engine-builders have won this honorable award.

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