Klimov establishes the Klimov Scholarship for students from three higher-education institutions

St. Petersburg. Klimov establishes the Klimov Scholarship for students from three higher-education institutions — Polytech, Voenmekh, and FINEC — and one specialised secondary education establishment, Primorsky Lyceum.

The scholarships, named after the great Soviet aviation designer Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov, were established by OAO Klimov management and will be paid out of the company’s clear profit — on top of students’ stipends. Stipends have just been awarded by the heads of the educational establishments.

The competition between scholarship applicants began in February 2012. The lists of applicants will be compiled by the deans of the various institutions. The competition committee will include representatives from the company, as well as teachers, and even students. From September 2012, 15 higher education students and 5 lyceum students as chosen by the committee will receive between 3,000 and 5,000 rubles per month on top of their basic stipend.

Applications may come from students in years 3-6 as well as from those in a full-time masters program at Polytech (the Energy machine building and Mechanical-machine building faculties), Voenmekh (the faculty of energy machine building) and FINEC (Finance and Credit, Accounting, analysis, and auditing), as well as students from the 3rd year an up at the Primorsky Lyceum in the Assembly Fitter speciality.

Applicants must have good grades from their last two semesters with an average of at least 4.5, and must also have won prizes in other competitions, take part in scientific conferences on the subject (engine building), have publications of a scientific or technical nature, the content of which is on the subject, or have an invention or discovery that is in line with the company’s activities. Applicants from the lyceum must finish the preceding two semesters with an average of at least 4.0, have won competitions in professional competency, take part in scholarly conferences, exhibitions, and competitions.

If the winners finish the academic year with grades of 3, the committee has the power to strip them of their awards. So the kids will have one more reason to study hard.

About the company:

Klimov is a part of the United Engine Corporation (UEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM specializing in engine-building assets.
Klimov is a leading Russian developer of full-cycle gas turbine engines, with its own design bureau, production facilities, and experimental lab. It is a member of the Russian Engineering Union.
The company develops, manufactures, and services engines for helicopters, as well as jet engines for fighter aircraft.
More than 90% of Russian helicopters have engines developed by Klimov, including those in the Rossiya special-purpose air unit that serves the Russian president.
In 2010 the company’s takings grew by 66.1% in comparison with 2009, and amounted to 5.492 billion rubles. The majority (58%) came from military production. Clear profit grew by 59.2% and amounted to 465.396 million rubles.