United Engine Corporation congratulates the Russian Air Force on its 100th birthday!

The Russian company United Engine Corporation, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, congratulates the Russian Air Force with a big anniversary  100 years since the foundation of Russian military aviation!

Over the course of its hundred-year history, Russian military aviation has become an integral part of the countrys national security provision, and a very significant factor in achieving success in many military operations. The United Engine Corporation  including some constituents that are as old as the Air Force  has throughout its history kitted out airplanes and helicopters for the Air Force with engines, many of which have become legends not just in Russian aviation but around the world. Perm-built engines have borne aloft the La-5 and La-7 fighter jets, and the Tu-2 bombers, all unique for their eras. The famous young pilot Ivan Kozhedub achieved the first of his many victories in the difficult conditions of 1943, in a La-5FN.The famous aviation records set by V. Chkalov, M. Gromov, S. Shestakov, A. Yumashev, G. Baidukov, A. Belyaev, and S. Danilin were set in airplanes with engines built in factories which today carry the name ofKuznetsov.

And today the company is continuing, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force, active and successful work on engines for the AFAS.

On behalf of Russian engine-builders, United Engine Corporation would like to congratulate the Russian Air Force on this anniversary, and wish it prosperity, new professional achievements and, of course, peaceful skies above!