Team of young specialists from Saturn takes part in the second international industrial forum ‘Engineers of the Future’

July 18, 2012, Rybinsk — July 19 in Irkutsk will see the start of the Second International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future 2012’, the goal of which is to consolidate the strengths of young specialists to achieve tasks aimed at developing industrial enterprise.

Young engineers from Saturn, with support from the Yaroslavl regional department of the Russian Engineering Union and OBORONPROM, and taking part in this international forum for the second time, intended to acquire new experience in innovation programs, present themselves as a creative professional team, and successful represent their company, showing themselves to be leaders of the community of ‘Future Engineers’.

In the forum’s educational and business program, Saturn put forth representatives from its general design service, director of production, chief engineer, and services to develop production systems within the company. Among the one-and-a-half thousand Russian and foreign academics, graduate students, and students, some of the best young specialists in the company take part in working in the faculties that interest them: innovation in technologies, innovative management, developing new examples of equipment and technology, managing innovative development, and master classes by managers of state corporations and the largest industrial companies.

The forum also included a Lean Projects competition organized by OBORONPROM. With the aim of sharing experiences on developing production systems and increasing the status and qualifications level of specialists working on lean manufacturing at Saturn, two of the several current projects from the service for developing production systems were entered into the competition. One of them was on the subject of ‘Increasing efficiency of high-performing equipment sections’, and the other was on ‘Increasing the capacity of central control section for blade compressors’.

It’s worth noting that one of the members of the Lean Projects competition committee will be Saturn’s deputy managing director for developing production systems, IlyaPautov, which reflects the high level of lean technology implementation within the company.

Together with a full educational program, young specialists got the chance to get acquainted with Russia’s largest industrial enterprises, share experiences with their colleagues, visit historical places, enjoy the beauty of Lake Baikal, and show off in the forum’s creative and sporting events.

NPO Saturnis an engine-building company specializing in the development, production, and aftersales servicing of gas turbine engines for military and civil aviation, military and civil marine vessels as well as for electrical generating and gas transport facilities. NPO Saturn is part of the management company United Engine Corporation.

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