24th Saturn Youth Rally held

July 30, 2012, Rybinsk- Saturn held its 24th annual (summer) youth rally on July 27-29, 2012. Saturn managing director IlyaFedorov announced that “this great tradition of winter and summer gatherings of young people from different towns, and different aviation industry companies and leading banks, under the auspices of Saturn, will continue to receive support from management, expanding the range of participating teams, for which we are truly glad.”

This year the tent city of rally participants was set up in a pine forest on the shores of the Chornaya and Volga rivers near Rybinsk. The three days of the rally brought together young people from Rybinsk, Yaroslavl, Perm, Moscow, and Lytkarin — representing NPO Saturn, Saturn — Tool Plant, Saturn — Gas Turbines, the Solovyov RGATU, Sukhoi Civil Airplanes, Sukhoi, VTB Bank, Star, Salyut, and the Lyulki plant. A total of 23 teams fought it out for victory in the competition for the AndreySavin Memorial Cup in sporting, creative, and intellectual rally competitions.

NPO Saturn’s production director Viktor Polyakov spoke at the opening ceremony of the 24th (summer) youth rally. He wished all the teams good luck and a good fight, and noted that ‘this rally is always a good time’.

Aleksey Molchanuk, Saturn’s HR director, spoke representing the organizing committee of the 24th (summer) youth rally:

“The Saturn Youth Rally has become a tradition, and it is traditions that make any company strong. The rally is the biggest event for young people in our company. The rally is an event that brings people joy, and where we build our corporate culture. The rally is extremely positive.”

Natalya Suvorova, deputy managing director of the Yaroslavl branch of VTB Bank:

“We are glad that we were able to take part in this wonderful tradition. Every rally, and this is our fifth, we’ve learned something from you. The VTB team hopes that every rally participant, whatever their results, felt that each day was a little victory. The VTB team believes in each one of us.”

The organizers of this youth event — the department for social programs, the youth council, the sports center, and the trade union committee of NPO Saturn, as well as the Yaroslavl regional department of the Russian Engineering Union, and VTB Bank, business partner and general sponsor — put together a program of competitions to coincide with the Olympic Games in London and the anniversary of the 1812 Patriotic War.

ArtyomTikhonov, Saturn head of social programs and head judge of the 24th Youth Rally:

‘The whole rally program was centeredaround an Olympic theme. In the ‘Welcome’ competition, the teams presented their own record books, in ‘Homework’ they used a panel-game format to present on the subject of ‘In creativity and art’. There was a new, creative part of the rally, a competition based on a production theme, and a task called ‘Rally Parody’, this time based on favorite cartoons, which was very popular.

The sports program opened up with the ‘Olympic Torch Relay’. The stages of the relay were Olympic types of sport and for torches we used lanterns with burning candles. And then we had rope climbing using rock climbing equipment, a water stage in which participants demonstrated their prowess in a one-man inflatable kayak ‘Lastochka’ and the two-man ‘Taimen’ model as well as a four-man catamaran, and a tourist stage. During the Olympics all wars cease, so the military theme was put off until the second day of the competition. As part of the ‘War of 1812’ battle march, the teams had to cover about 15 km, accomplishing difficult tasks along the way. On the third day of the rally, participants showed off in teams for competitions ‘Two balls’, ‘Custard pie’, and ‘Dombaisky soccer’.

Tatyana Guseva, head of Saturn’s sports program and judge of the sports programs at the 24th Youth Rally:

“To organize more than 20 teams of 14 people, all at once, so that they all find it interesting, fun, informative, and useful — the task of the organizing committee was not easy. It’s a memorable event, and we try as hard as we can to attract all team members to the competitive program, whatever their background, some do the creative stuff and some do sports. And some can do both.”

NPO Saturn won the 24th Youth Rally overall, getting the cup, and the main prize going to the team Stars and Stakhanovites (the team for the production directors service at Saturn, Rybinsk). Second place went to the ‘7th Continent’ team (building 7, Saturn, Rybinsk). Third place went to the NTTs team (Saturn affiliate NTTs Lyulki Plant, Moscow), which on the results of the three main types of competitions (‘Homework’, ‘War of 1812 Battle March’ and the captains’ competition), won the AndreySavin Memorial Cup.

NPO Saturnis an engine-building company specializing in the development, production, and aftersales servicing of gas turbine engines for military and civil aviation, military and civil marine vessels as well as for electrical generating and gas transport facilities. NPO Saturn is part of the management company United Engine Corporation.