Perm Engine Company increases production efficiency

Perm/ On July 17-19, the Perm Engine Company underwent a master class on the ‘brain storming’ method.

Leading trainer from OrgpromDmitriyVysochiy showed a group of managers and specialists from various companies practical, ways of applying the ‘brainstorming method with the goal of smoothing out ‘tight spots’ in the production process and achieving economic savings.

Perm Engine Company’s director for the development of production systems SergeyNikoforov in his introductory remarks emphasized the need and important of gaining skills and knowledge of methods of organizing lean production, which is today of vital importance for the company.

“Perfecting the production processes and increasing the efficiency is an essential aspect of any business, and the goal of any right-thinking modern manager. Particularly when the business, as in the case of Perm Engine Company, is based on manufacturing a complex, high-tech product — aviation engines and industrial gas turbine units. The need to optimize, making a greater number of units with lower spends on materials, time, and human resources, increasing reliability, is dictated by economic realities facing the company,” said SergeyNikiforov.

The main task facing the group of brain stormers was to increase the output capacity of a turbine blade assembly line by 20%. During the seminar they worked on analyzing the process of blade manufacturing, identified the organizational and technical problems hindering the more efficient implementation of production, and working out ideas on how to improve. Altogether in one hour of brain storming they came up with 115 ideas. They came up with suggestions on how to eliminate identified problems, a range of ideas on increasing implementation speed and required expenditures. They calculated the expected savings. On a preliminary calculation it was estimated at 13.5 million rubles. It’s worth noting that the brain storm brought practical results as well — a number of suggestions from the seminar are already being implemented.

The opportunity to achieve such results was only possible thanks to the great work by the seminar participants and support from the Perm Engine Company leadership.

Orgprom is a leading Russian group of companies providing a full range of services in training and implementing the Lean Production concept (Toyota Production System). Orgprom’s clients include Rusal, KAMAZ, Gazpromneft, RusHydro, the Irkut Corporation, Magnezit Plant, Sibur-Russkiye Tires, VSMPO-AVISMA, Tatneft, Tikkurila, and other companies from Russia and the CIS.

Perm Engine Company (PMZ) mass produces aviation engines for civil and military applications, as well as industrial gas turbine units for power stations and gas transportation.

PMZ is a part of the United Engine Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM specializing in engine-building assets.

OBORONPROM is a multi-faceted machine-building group of companies, founded in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its primary activities are helicopter building (Russian Helicopters) and engine-building (UEC).