Fifth generation aviation engine – for the factory’s anniversary!

Perm/5.06.2012 On June 1 the Perm Engine Company held an event to mark the company’s 78th anniversary.

The symbol of technology and the power of technological potential was the exhibition of an aviation engines in the central square by the entrance, a collection from the Perm Engine Company’s last decade. It included:

-the PS-90A — a turboreactive double-flow, fourth generation engine from the mid 1990s that is the main engine for long-haul Russian aircraft and works in the Il-76, Il-96, Tu-204 and Tu-214 vessels.

-the D-30 — a turboreactive double-flow, third generation engine, one of the most reliable aviation engines of its time, installed on short-haul aircraft (the Tu-134) beginning in 1967

-the D-30F6 — a turboreactive engine delivering the highest flying characteristics for the long-range MiG-31 fighter jet, which defends Russia’s borders to this day.

Performers from the city of Perm performed on a special stage. Special guests included employees’ children, since June 1 is also Child Protection Day. There was a chalking competition ‘Airplanes are flying, Engines are buzzing’. Every little participant got a special present straight from the director — a toy kite.

On the anniversary of the Perm Engine Company, particular attention was devoted to those who with their strenuous efforts have guaranteed the high quality and reliability of the company’s products. PMZ managing director AlekseyMikhalyov awarded 25 employees with the factory prize named after the highly-qualified lathe turner, honored engine builder, and Hero of Socialist Labor A. I. Pavlikov.

“Way back in 1934, the factory commenced production of the M-25 engine, at that time the height of sophistication,” said AlekseyMikhailyov, opening the celebrations. “Since then nearly 80 years have passed, and the journey has been marked by awards of the highest rank, which we have earned for our high quality products. Engines and the people who make them — that is the pride and joy of our company! And it’s no accident that today we award a prize named after AleksandrIvanovichPavlikov, a worker in our factory, who labored for this company for 47 years. The present-day team is a worthy descendant of its predecessors, those who made the very first advanced engines.”

As confirmation of the Perm Engine Company director’s words, came the news announced by AleksandrInozemtsev, Aviadvigatel managing director and chief designer:

"The team of engine builders has always been known for the fact that they don’t rest on their laurels. And today our company, just like all companies that are part of the United Engine Corporation, has accomplished another important achievement — on May 30 the first PD-14, fifth generation engine was assembled and sent for testing! I think that this is an excellent birthday present!

Additional information:
June 1, 1934
 is generally considered to be the ‘birthday’ of the Perm Engine Company, as this is the date that work began on the licensed engine designated the M-25.

AleksandrIvanovichPavlikov was a Hero of Socialist Labor, a holder of the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, and Hero of Labor 3rd Class. He worked at PMZ for 47 years, 45 of them in the machine assembly workshop number 15. He was a foreman and a deputy chairman of the factory council of foremen.

The first A. I. Pavlikov prize was awarded in 2010.

Further information:

Perm Engine Company (PMZ) mass produces aviation engines for civil and military applications, as well as industrial gas turbine units for power stations and gas transportation.

PMZ is a part of the United Engine Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM specializing in engine-building assets.

OBORONPROM is a multi-faceted machine-building group of companies, founded in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its primary activities are helicopter building (Russian Helicopters) and engine-building (UEC).