A delegation from the United Engine Corporation took part in the second international youth industrial forum Engineers of the Future 2012

On July 19-28, 2012, a delegation of young specialists from the United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary company of OBORONPROM), took part in the second international youth industrial forum Engineers of the Future 2012, organized by the Russian Engineering Union together with the Irkutsk region government, on the shores of Lake Baikal. The forum participants included more than 1,500 Russian specialists, scientists, graduate students, and students, representing 355 industrial enterprises and more than 50 of the countryís leading higher education institutions.

OBORONPROMís corporate university acted as organizer of one of the four educational areas of the forum ó the faculty of ĎStrategic managementí. As part of the forum, 60 representatives from Russian Helicopters, the United Engine Corporation, and other machine building companies such as the Irkut Corporation, KnAAPO, KAMAZ, Almaz-Antei, and others, underwent training in this faculty.

The strategic management training consisted of two stages. The first was a competition in strategic management based on the computer business simulator Global Management Challenge, which imitates the process of managing a company under global competitive conditions. The competition for the corporate university was organized by a team from the Russian Academy of the Economy and State Service under the Russian President.

The second stage was a planning and analysis session on the subject ĎStrategic management of high-tech industrial sectorsí. In this session, there were six teams to analyse the existing and potential strategies for three sectors ó airplane building, helicopter building, and gas turbine engine building. Presentations were made by the deputy general director for innovative development at OBORONPROM and member of the management club of directors in science and innovations, Vladimir Dovgy, deputy head of the program department at UEC Petr Vasilev, director of human resource management at OBORONPROM Svetlana Kraichinskaya, head of OBORONPROM corporate university Tatyana Vorotelyak, head of UEC HR Olga Kurlovich, and head of Russian Helicopters human resource policy department Yelena Mitina.

At the end of the session, participants presented their projects for strategic sector development. The best were named the projects to develop airplane building developed by the team from the Irkutsk aviation factory, an affiliate of the Irkut Corporation, and the project for development of engine building presented by the joint team from the Military Aviation Engines division of the United Engine Corporation. All participants received certificates from the corporate university for the training.

Another project implemented by the OBORONPROM corporate university within the forum was the inter-sector competition on lean projects. This was organized by the department for development of production systems at UEC (headed by V. V. Chelpanov), and the expert panel was composed of the director for the development of production systems at PMZ S. O. Nikoforov, the director for the development of production systems at NPO Saturn I. Yu. Pautov, and representatives from the department for developing production systems at Sukhoi. The competition included 18 projects, and the best were selected in the categories Best Project with Savings, Best Innovative Project, Best Universal Project, and Best Potential Project.

The forum helped flesh out the young human resources reserve at OBORONPROM ó for further training in leadership roles in the management system of companies and integrated structures.