Saturn Gas Turbines wins environmental competition

Saturn Gas Turbines has been named the winner of the competition Ď100 best Russian Organizations ó Ecology and Environmental Managementí 2012.

The awards ceremony took place in St. Petersburg at the 6th All-Russian conference ĎEcology and Production. Potential development of economic mechanisms for environmental protectioní.

Saturn Gas Turbines was honored with the highest award for its work in developing industry using modern, environmentally-friendly technology.

Primary areas:

  • Developing and implementing regulatory documents aimed at meeting the legislative requirements on following rules and standards of environmental protection
  • Methodical management and coordination of activities of subdivisions in working on environmental protection
  • Control over supervisory technology for environmental protection and effective work with environmentally protected objects.

This work resulted in reduced atmospheric emissions, reduction in the number of pollutants and in the volume of waste produced in manufacturing and consumption, due to improved technology and use of new equipment.

The VIth All-Russian Conference was held in St. Petersburg with support from the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, and the results of the competition were announced.