UEC carries out licensing for engine repair in Egypt

Klimov, being a part of the United Engine Corporation (UEC), has finished the procedure to license repair facilities for helicopter engines in Egypt. Implementing this project will enable the repair of Russian engines installed on the Mi-8/17 and Mi-24 helicopters, in accordance with the developer’s requirements, thereby improving operational safety in the North African region.

The licensed repair of the TV3-117 engines is based at ABECO (Arab British Engine Company). There are currently more than 100 Russian helicopter engines in operation in Egypt. They are used in the Egyptian Air Force, as well as broad civilian application.

“One of UEC’s priorities is creating systems for aftersales servicing of engines in operation in various regions around the world. We are interested in a systematic and comprehensive approach to market demands for servicing,” said UEC general director Vladislav Masalov. “Implementing this project in Egypt will allow us to expand the areas covered by our repair program in North Africa and improve the quality of helicopter engine servicing.”

The contract with ABECO was signed in the interests of the Egyptian Air Force in 2010. Following an inspection of the partner’s production capacity, the Russian company confirmed that the Egyptian side possessed the necessary equipment, quality control, and qualified personnel, which are required to carry out major repairs on engines. Under the project, Klimov will supply spare parts needed for engine repair, and also full oversight supervision.

United Engine Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM. More than 85% of the leading companies specializing in the development, mass production, and aftersales servicing of gas turbine technology are integrated into UEC, as well as key companies which are selectors of the field. One of UEC’s priority directions is implementing comprehensive programs for developing companies by implementing new technologies that meet international standards

OBORONPROM is a multi-faceted machine-building group of companies, founded in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its primary activities are helicopter building (Russian Helicopters), engine-building (UEC), and other assets.

Russian Technologies is a Russian corporation founded in 2007 to facilitate the development, production, and export of high-tech industrial products for civil and military applications. Altogether, Russian Technologies encompasses about 660 organizations. The corporation includes 17 holdings, 12 of which are in the military-industrial complex, and five of which are in civilian industry, as well as 22 organizations under direct management. The corporation is headquartered in Moscow. The corporation works in 60 constituent regions of the Russian Federation and supplies products to more than 70 countries around the world.

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