Saturn and Uralskaya Kuznitsa sign long-term products supply contract

On November 15, 2012 at the International Exhibition Metal Expo 2012, the Russian engine-building company Saturn and the Russian metallurgical company Uralskaya Kuznitsa, part of the Mechel company, signed a long-term contract for 2013-2015 on the delivery of forged and stamped products. The total volume of sales under the three-year contract will be about 400 tons.

As Saturns Director of Purchasing and Logistics, Dmitri Bashmakov, said, Uralskaya Kusnitsa has long been a reliable partner for Saturn. This long-term contract will bring our partnership to a new level. This will allow us to contract our production on more profitable and transparent terms, and to ensure on-time delivery, and accordingly, delivery of engines to our customers. For our partner, this long-term contract ensures stable capacity, which will allow them to accurately plan their production and sign long-term contracts with suppliers of raw materials.

NPO Saturn is an engine-building company specializing in the development, production, and aftersales servicing of gas turbine engines for military and civil aviation, military and civil marine vessels, and electrical generating and gas transport facilities. Saturn is a part of the Managing Company United Engine Corporation.