Young specialists in the engine-building industry take part in the Engine-Builders of the Future Forum

On October 12-14, 2012, the best young employees of Russia’s engine-building industry gathered in Rusa, in the Moscow Region. They all took part in the first corporate youth Forum Engine-builders of the Future, organized by the corporate university of OBORONPROM and Salyut Gas Turbines.

The event was held under the auspices of the program to implement youth policy and create a personnel reserve for the United Engine Corporation. There were more than 90 participants — representatives from companies that are part of UEC, and also Salyut and its affiliates.

The goal of the Forum was to include young specialists in the processes of discussing and solving practical tasks in five key areas of UEC strategy:

  1. Managing sales of all types of products. Maintaining market position and entering new markets.
  2. Consolidating UEC production facilities. Organizing production cooperation. Creating networks of Technological Competency Centers.
  3. A system of reorganizing and managing research and design work at UEC to create prospective products and make rational use of design resources (‘golden heads’).
  4. Creating competitive systems of servicing and customer support for all UEC products.
  5. Managing UEC finances (including optimizing expenditures on purchasing, managing costs, and reducing losses).

At the Forum, these subjects were discussed and practical solutions raised in the form of project-analysis sessions with top management from the United Engine Corporation, and experts in the form of UEC company division heads. UEC General Director Vladislav Masalov in his presentation to the young specialists designated target indicators for all five areas in the corporate strategy.

Expert presentations on each area were made by the Deputy Managing Director and Technical Director of UMPO Sergei Pavlinich, Managing Director of STAR Sergei Popov, Deputy Managing Director of the GTD program of civil and transportation aviation at Saturn, Sergei Tikhomirov, Director for Aviation Construction at Salyut Alexei Potapov, Deputy Managing Director and Director for Economics and Finance at Saturn Alexei Sobolev, and Head of Management of coordinated programs at Sukhoi Olesya Lominago. They formulated practical tasks for each of the strategic areas, which were put forward for group solutions.

In a competition, the participants were broken into teams and had to develop projects and suggestions on how to solve the tasks, and present their ideas to the experts. As a result of the team competition, five teams were chosen whose projects, in the opinion of the experts, showed the most promise from the point of view of potential future implementation. Representatives from these teams formed the group UEC management system (which had 21 participants), whose task was to collect from other ‘ribbones’, work on each of the areas for a road map to implement UEC strategy.

The program that the group developed was well-received by the UEC management, and the team members will soon be included in efforts to implement corporate strategy.

Special awards from the OBORONPROM corporate university were diplomas in the Management reserve category — and went to six group participants: Roman Yuldashev (Klimov), Oleg Trofimov (Kuznetsov), Andrei Volik (UMPO), Vladimir Yezhikov (Chernyshev MMP), Alexander Shchelochkov (UMPO), and Sergei Kovalev (Saturn).

As a result of the Forum, the United Engine Corporation’s youth personnel reserve was expanded with new specialists — for long-term training and preparation to take on leadership roles within the company’s management and integrated structures.