Aviadvigatel is developing power capacity for the Irkutsk Oil Company

Aviadvigatel and the Irkutsk Oil Company (IOC) have signed a supplementary agreement to their contract on preparing, installing, and commissioning the fourth Urals-series gas turbine power station for the needs of the Yaraktinsky Oil and Gas Condensate Field.

The agreement to prepare and deliver two Ural-6000 gas turbine power units, installation supervision, commissioning, and training personnel was signed in May 2011. Due to the clientís rigorous demands on timescales (10 months), all the equipment was delivered to the Yaraktinsky OGCF at the beginning of April 2012, and over the next three months a whole range of work was carried out to launch the power stations into operation.

The launch this year of two Ural-6000 gas turbine power stations into operation allowed the Irkutsk Oil Company to increase the provision of electricity by 12 mW, improving reliability of local power systems, achieving synchronization and joint work with the local network of Ural-6000 GTUs and PAES-2500, and increasing the efficiency of the programs to utilize associated petroleum gas.

The quality of Aviadvigatelís specialistsí work did not go unnoticed by the Irkutsk Oil Company. In April 2012 they signed an additional agreement for the delivery of a third, and in October, a fourth Ural-6000 GTU.

According to the agreement, the third Ural-6000 GTU must be delivered in the first quarter, and the fourth must be delivered in the third quarter of 2013. The total capacity of Aviadvigatel equipment at the Yaraktinsky OGCF will amount to 24 mW. The Perm-built gas turbine power stations are designed to support the work of drilling and compressor stations as well as municipal infrastructure and so on.