Aviadvigatel Gas Turbine Power Stations have worked a decade in the Bashkir city of Agidel

October 2012 marked 10 years since the launch of the GTU-TPP power station in Agidel.

The Agidel GTU-TPP, based on two Ural-4000 GTUs, was built and launched in a record short period of time. This was possible firstly due to the successful business partnership of Aviadvigatel and Bashkirenergo, established earlier with the construction of the Shigili power station in Bolsheustyinkinskoye. Secondly, the modular block construction of the Ural-4000 series enabled the simple and convenient transportation and installation of the equipment at the site of operation.

The Ural-4000 GTU works with the KUB-10-150 boiler (by Sibenergomash) in a co-generation cycle, to provide Agidel residents with year-round heat and electricity. The generated electricity is used to cover their own needs, and is also exported to the grid.

The total electrical capacity of the GTU-TPP is 8 mW, and the heat capacity is 17 Gcal. The coefficient of use for heating fuel in the basic running mode exceeds 80%. During the heating season (more than five months of the year), the GTU-TPP functions reliably without any breaks. Throughout the entire period of operation, the gas turbine power station made by Aviadvigatel has conformed to specified parameters. The GTU-TPPĺs total operational hours exceed 84,500, and in 10 years the station has undergone scheduled maintenance at the plant of manufacture and has continued to work well.

On the day marking 10 years since the GTU-TPP was installed in Agidel, there was a meeting between Perm engine-builders and Bashkir power company people, who are currently running the station. The festivities, at the request of power station developers, included a delegation from Aviadvigatel headed by the Chief Designer Daniil Sulimov, as well as Nikolai Kurapov, Advisor to the President of Bashkortostan, the Chief Engineer of Bashkirenergo Vladimir Kremer, the Director of BashRTS Sergei Lykov, the Director of BashRTS-Neftekamsk Igor Kutyinov, the Head of KTs-9 Ramis Minnekaev, and the Head of Agidel municipal administration Oleg Krysin. Meeting participants noted that in the past 10 years, Bashkortostan has seen the implementation of a strategy to distribute the production of energy. The success of this work is due in large part to the use of gas turbine units made by Aviadvigatel. Since 2000, the Republic has seen the installation of a GTU-TPP at Shigili with a capacity of 4 mW, a GTU-TPP at Agidel with a capacity of 8 mW, the Zauralskaya TPP with 16 mW capacity, and the Ufimskaya TPP-1 with 22.5 mW capacity. In total, Perm power stations in Bashkortostan have worked for more than 150,000 hours.

The operation of the Ural series Perm-built gas turbine power stations attracts attention of clients not only because of their modern design and technological solutions, their safety, and reliability, but also because of Aviadvigatelĺs targeted work on the long-term improvement of gas turbine units, and because of its relationship with clients.