Young scientists from Aviadvigatel are always in front

Specialists from the Perm design firm took part in the 17th international congress of engine-builders, which took place in the Crimea in September, 2012.

The annual forum of scientists specializing in engine-building was organized by National N.Ye. Zhukovsky Aerospace University, Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Ivchenko Progress and AVTRAMAT.

More than 200 scientists and engineers from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and other countries took part in the forum. The Russian Federation was represented by specialists from leading companies and institutes in engine-building Ś Aviadvigatel, Saturn, Baranov Central Institute for Aviation Motor Development, Salyut Gas Turbines, Kuznetsov, and others, as well as educational institutions such as the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the Samara State Aerospace University, and others.

The Perm design firm sent three specialists from the turbine department Ś the Head of the department of experimental turbine work Sergei Bazhin, Engineer-Designer Nikolai Samokhvalov, and the Head of the team on developmental work, Maxim Snitko.

The presentations by the Perm specialists raised significant interest from colleagues, and Nikolai Samokhvalovĺs work Aerodynamic design of the tract surface of hot parts of the turbine in a modern gas turbine engine, describing the potential method for optimizing the vortex flow in the inter-blade channels of the turbine blades, was awarded a diploma as the best presentation made by a young scientist at the 17th international congress.