Coordinated council formed on the development of Gas turbine and power station construction innovative territorial cluster, led by the Governor of the Yaroslavl Region

By order of the Governor of the Yaroslavl Region No. 494 issued September 27, 2012, a coordinated council has been formed to develop Gas turbine and power station construction cluster under the Governor of the Region and confirmed by a draft indicating the principles of organization for the councilís activities. This document is taken in accordance with the plan to jointly work on the program to develop Gas turbine and power station construction innovative territorial cluster in the Yaroslavl Region, developed during a meeting of the cluster coordinator ó NPO Saturn ó with regional and municipal authorities in July 2012.

The new advisory body aims to provide efficient support for the state authorities, local government authorities, municipal educational authorities, civic organizations, and commercial and non-profit organizations, in order to create regional policy for the development of Gas Turbines and Power Station Construction cluster and, finally, to create and support new high-tech production of gas turbines and power station machines, providing competitive products, and implementing innovative technologies in the Regionís real economic sector.

The management of the coordinated council on the development of Gas Turbine and Power Station Construction cluster will be from the governor of the Yaroslavl Region, Sergei Yastrebov, who is the Chairman of the council. The council will be organized by the Yaroslavl Region department for industrial policy.

The innovative territorial cluster of the Yaroslavl Region includes companies representing a unified scientific and technical chain of producing gas turbine engines and power machines ó NPO Saturn (cluster coordinator), RGATU (the clusterís main educational institution), Saturn Gas Turbines, SatIZ, VolgAero, ReMO, NIR, and small innovative companies in the city of Rybinsk, as well as leading Russian educational and scientific institutions.