«Aviadvigatel»: Quick adaptation of young specialists is secured

In 2012, 50 graduates from leading Perm educational institutions joined the ranks of Aviadvigatel. To bring the young employees into the production process as fast as possible, this November the company began its traditional course of internal training, which has gained the unofficial title of Young Warriors’ Course.

In the next three months, the young specialists will face a cycle of weekly meetings with the company’s top managers, as well as specialized trips to Aviadvigatel divisions. Company leaders will present themed lectures which will familiarize the young people with the company’s history, its structure, the products it makes, its goals, tasks, and development potential, and the special business characteristics of each division. A mandatory condition and essential component of this course is the personal relationship between the young specialists and the company’s leaders. The Young Warriors’ Course allows the ‘new recruits’ to get into the corporate atmosphere and prepare for fruitful work in the team.

The course of in-house training is just one part of working with young people, that is helping Aviadvigatel to make a positive change in the disasterous lack of engineers that afflicts the majority of Russian industrial and applied science companies.

Aviadvigatel today is a young, highly-educated, energetic, and successful design firm. The average employee age is 42, 45% of employees are under 40, and 53% of employees have a higher education. Every year 50-70 graduates of high-profile specialized technical institutions join the Aviadvigatel team.

The requirements as to the level of potential candidates for vacancies are quite high, since the team has to solve complex, and important problems on a daily basis. The young specialists hired in 2012 meet these requirements — the average graduating mark of the new hires was 4.42, and a third of them have diplomas with honors.

Aviadvigatel has been working on the problems of attracting and retaining young talent for nearly 10 years. The result of the youth policy implemented since 2003 has been a tangible influx of young people with engineering degrees, and lower turnover in the youth group.

The thorough work with future engineers starts long before they are hired as staff: as far back as applying to higher educational institutions to study in high-profile specializations, the most promising talent is already picked out. Incentivizing the best students with Aviadvigatel scholarships, a well-planned system of practical experience and internships, bringing part of the studies into the company, and acquainting students with corporate culture — this all helps the student to make an informed choice of employer. The status of a young Aviadvigatel specialist for a graduate from a technical institution, without any work experience, envisages a special system of selection and a system of remuneration, additional social discounts and preferential treatment, and a personal mentor system. The company has created and is developing its youth environment, using all means and tools to train personnel, and to stimulate innovative engineering ideas. Young people get real priority in the distribution of the company’s resources.

Aviadvigatel’s unique youth policy has been praised and approved at the federal level: in 2009, Aviadvigatel won the All-Russia competition Youth Employer of the Year: engineering staff for an innovative Russia in the Master Class category, for best practice in supporting educational institutions and cooperating with them.

The constant influx of promising young specialists enables the company to develop dynamically, ensuring seamless transmission of production experience and creating a good system of replacing employees from the older generation.