The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade expresses gratitude to aviadvigatel's chief metallurgist

Aviadvigatel Chief Designer A. Inozemtsev awarding the Gratitude of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to A. Koryakovtsev.

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced its gratitude to the Chief Metallurgist of Aviadvigatel, Alexander Koryakovtsev. Alexander Sergeevich Koryakovtsev received the high honor for his many years of service and his personal contribution to the development of the machine-building industry.

A.S. Koryakovtsev has worked at Aviadvigatel for more than thirty years. After graduating from the Perm Polytechnical Institue with a speciality in Machines and the Technology of Production, he came to the design firm as an entry-level engineer-mechanic, and has spent his entire professional career here.

As the company's Chief Metallurgist, Alexander Sergeevich has successfully implemented technical supervision of the development and implementation of technological processes and materials for metallurgical production, which provide high-quality products to the Perm engine-builders, provides on-time, high-quality preparation for production, organizes joint work with industry institutes (VIAM, VILS, Baranov CIAM).

Under A. Koryakovtsev's leadership, the following mass production has been established:

  • Casting blades for high-speed running crystallization out of 32- alloy;
  • Casting mono-crystal blades ZHS36-VI, VZHM4, VZHM5;
  • High-temperature gas-static development of blade casting;
  • Complex coatings for working turbine blades;
  • Applying the developed EKG-1 coating;
  • Optimizing the CHS70 alloy. Today the alloy marketed as CHS70U is being supplied to the other companies in the industry.

In his years as Chief Metallurgist, Alexander Koryakovtsev created a bureau of laser technology and a bureau of polymer composite materials, which enabled the creation of new jobs to hire more young specialists.

A.S. Koryakovtsev is a winner of A.D. Shevtsov prize, an associate member of the Academy of Aviation and Aeronautics, holds three copyrights, and is the author of more than ten publications.