Saturn Gas Turbines visits large exhibition in Kazakhstan

The KIOGE-2012 exhibition was held October 2-5 in Almaty at the Atakant complex. It is the largest oil and gas exhibition in the Caspian Sea Region.

Saturn Gas Turbines took part in this important event. For our company this was an excellent opportunity to exchange information about implementing advanced innovative technology, and to sign new, mutually beneficial contracts.

Saturn Gas Turbines was represented at the UEC stand, which was noted by visitors and participants as one of the most effective and informative. For a more graphic demonstration of the companys abilities, Saturn Gas Turbines presented a model of the GPA-16 Arlan. Booklets and presentations presented all the interesting information about the company  its model range, production capabilities, its special characteristics and advantages.

Over the course of the exhibition, Saturn Gas Turbines held talks with representatives from OzenMunaiGaz and KazTransGaz, the sole shareholder of which is KazMunaiGaz, as well as with employees from several large Kazakh industrial companies and engineering companies.

In the talks, they discussed issues of implementing several projects at once on delivery of gas transportation units made by Saturn Gas Turbines for the rebuilding of existing compressor stations and the construction of new gas pipelines within Kazakhstan, as well as the delivery of energy equipment based on gas turbine units of small capacity that function on a combined cycle.

The events of this oil and gas exhibition confirm the attractiveness of the Kazakh market and allowed our company to determine the potential for long-term cooperation.