Saturn Gas Turbines has received new equipment from the Italian firm FICEP an automated machine line for drilling and thermal cutting of cross sections

The automated machine line from FICEP is designed to work on cross section and flat steel components. The modules for plasma and drilling work are solid, bridge-type box frames. Using three-dimensional plasma arc cutting in combination with mechanical processing allows you to make a finished part from a blank. And the stamping tools make it easy to do previously complex work such as setting up rigid-joined frames and containers with superimposed formatting; besides it provides traceability for parts in the production process. The presence of scaling equipment and associated corrective programs in the line depending on real sizes of the parts allows the provision of the necessary exacting specifications for all the parts.

This line replaces six base-type milling machines. The complex technology used in this equipment allows increased accuracy in the work, which in turn means few rejects, breakages, and mistakes in assembly. The number of control operations is reduced, as is the number of supervisors and control tools.

And most importantly, the production time for parts is reduced, increasing the flexibility and mobility of the equipment.

Two operators and a Saturn Gas Turbines programmer will work on the FICEP line, after training in Italy.

In the modern world it is not possible to run a successful company without the latest modern technology, that allows you to solve complex problems and enables increased production volumes, as well as a foundation for stable development of the company striving to accurately fulfil customers desires. The FICEP company is well known around the world and holds a leading position in specialized equipment for integrated processing of sheet and solid stock.