In September Saturn Gas Turbines took part in the exhibition Main Areas of Development for the Energy Industry of Turkmenistan 2012, in the city of Ashkhabad

Representatives of Saturn Gas Turbines gave a presentation on implementing gas turbine and gas piston equipment and the construction of energy installations to the exhibition participants.

As part of the program our representatives had a working meeting with the Turkmen Minister of Energy M. Artykov, and other leaders in the energy industry. At the meeting, the Turkmen side announced their interest in energy equipment based on gas turbine power units up to 20mW capacity. Negotiations were also held with the Head of the gas turbine unit of the TURKMENENERGO electricity station. The Turkmen side expressed interest in the equipment and services on offer from UEC and Saturn Gas Turbines. The parties agreed on preliminary work on several promising projects aimed at providing power to far-flung areas of Turkmenistan, and at rebuilding several existing power generating installations in the country.