NPO Saturn and state company VIAM sign cooperation agreement

As part of the visit, the guests learned about the scientific production and testing facilities, laboratories, certified light-weight production, and the research center for high-gradient technology for casting single-crystal blades.

VIAM general director and RAS academician Yevgeniy Nikolaevich Kablov spoke about VIAM’s new developments, the institute’s potential work, and strategic initiatives in developing materials and technologies through to 2030.

Yevgeniy Kablov and Ilya Fedorov signed a cooperation agreement between NPO Saturn and state company VIAM. According to the contract, the parties have agreed to work together on a joint scientific and technical policy in the area of developing and implementing potential materials and technologies for gas turbine engines. The agreement discusses the formation of an innovative territorial cluster ‘Gas turbine building and power machine building’, including certified research laboratories, and also a joint work in a number of areas. In addition, the agreement envisages training of Saturn specialists by VIAM, as well as a joint work on advanced R&D to attract foundation universities (Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Solovyev Rybinsk State Aviation and Technical University).

Yevgeniy Kablov said, “this agreement will support the development of Russian engine building, as well as expanding the market for new materials and technologies applied to innovative projects in engine building.”

According to Ilya Fedorov, “with the signing of this agreement, our many years of working with VIAM have taken on a new development, particularly in research, testing, and implementing potential new materials and technologies for building gas turbine engines, which is an integral part of creating further technical capacity for Saturn, and for the entire Russian aviation industry.”