Acting Grandfather Frost

Perm/25.12.2012 Perm engine builders were part of the holiday season campaign to help children in orphanages and children’s homes in the Perm region, as well as those undergoing treatment in the Perm Oncohematological Center.

The ‘Grandfather Frost’ campaign was started by the corporate newspaper Perm Engines, which together with partners — the Perm section of the AiF newspaper — announced a collection of gifts and donations to be taken by campaign volunteers. Managing director of Perm Engine Company Aleksey Mikhailyov was among the first to answer the call for contributions to children left without parental care.

He sent his gift to 10-year-old Sasha Shulga, a resident of the Chaikovsky Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors, who wrote to Grandfather Frost of his wish to fly in the sky, and for a radio-controlled toy airplane.

Sasha’s dream was fulfilled — on December 21 a snow-white airplane with Perm Engine Company logos was delivered by a Grandfather Frost campaign volunteer to the coordinator of the Chaikovsky Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors, Svetlana Kirichenko. The airplane, with an 80 cm wingspan, is fitted with an electric motor that runs a propeller, a radio control system, and comes with two sets of wings (in order to be able to adjust flaps) for different flight patterns. According to model airplane enthusiasts, this model is ideal for beginner pilots and will bring a great deal of joy to its owner.

Today on December 25 the carefully packed model airplane will finally be delivered to Sasha and have its first flight.

According to volunteers on the Grandfather Frost campaign, the Kama region has been showered with a real wave of miracles and gifts. But it’s not too late to make one more miracle happen — anyone can be a Grandfather Frost or a Snowmaiden. Right up until New Year, December 31, you can pay for a New Years wish for a child by sending whatever you can:

1. At any cash machine or Sberbank terminal, or in the Sberbank OnLine system‘

2. Send a text message to 7715:

3. You can help children’s dreams come true another way — by distributing information about the campaign, delivering gifts to institutions, or by playing Grandfather Frost or the Snowmaiden. With any questions, or suggestions, please call our Grandfather Frost hotline on 270-08-70.

Perm Engine Company managing director Aleksey Mikhailyov:

"I know that each employee at our company can make New Year a real holiday not only for his or her own family, but also by helping those who don’t have anyone else to help them. They need our help more than anyone else, and any sign of kind-hearted attention can make a huge difference and significant impact on the life of such a child. And of course, I would like to see Sasha and his friends as guests of the Perm Engine Company — we will definitely organize a tour. Perhaps getting to know the company, its technology, and its role in the aviation industry will help kids who today, with our help, can take the first step towards the sky, and dream about their future careers.

For information:

The Grandfather Frost campaign was created by ordinary people of Perm. The idea was originally to make children’s New Years wishes come true. Dreams can become reality very simply — children write letters to Grandfather Frost, describing what they want. These messages are collected and published on the Internet, after which anyone can choose one or more than one and make those dreams come true, becoming a real life Grandfather Frost or Snowmaiden.

New Year 2009 saw about 100 children’s wishes come true, about 250 in New Year 2010, almost 1,500 in New Year 2011, and more than 1,500 in New Year 2012.

Photo, video, and written reports on gifts are online at www.dedmorozim.ru.