PMZ customer support specialists avoid early engine replacement and improve operational efficiency

In the final two months of 2012, specialists from the customer support team at PMZ carried out work to reinstate air worthiness of PS-90A aviation engines of various modifications in operation at airlinesĺ premises. At the Vladivostok Avia company in Vladivostok, they cleaned the working blades of the low-pressure compressor. On five PS-90A engines in operation at Red Wings, Aeroflot, and the special Rossiya flight brigade serving the Russian president, they replaced ventilator blades which had been damaged by foreign objects. The working parameters of all engines were assessed in line with standards, and their operational spans were extended. Work is now on-going at the Volga-Dnepr airline in Ulyanovsk, to reinstate air worthiness of the PS-90A-76 engine out of commission due to burnt-out blades.

As part of the operational launch of gas turbine engines manufactured by the Perm Engine Company and in industrial applications at Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta, work has been done to improve the operational characteristics of the PS-90GP-25 engines for the GTU-25P Babaevskaya-2 compressor station. The additional work involved preventing fouling up and smoking of the engines, thereby reducing the amount of oil used. In addition, in November customer support specialists worked at the Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya compressor station to avoid the early replacement of the PS-90GP-2 engine working in the GPA-16P Ural gas transportation system. The engine, which to that point had worked 7,881 hours, got a cleaning of the compressor blades and was then relaunched for further operation.

At SK Rusvietpetro they began installation of the 16 mW GTU-16P gas turbine unit. This is the first of three units that will be working in the GTES-36 gas turbine power station, intended to produce electricity for the needs of the Khoreiverskiy oil and gas field, in the Arctic Circle.

Perm Engine Company managing director Aleksey Mikhalyov said, "Perm Engine Companyĺs system of aftersales servicing allows us to not only ensure that our engines are working properly, and provide them with scheduled maintenance, but also to improve the technical parameters of our products in operation. The timely and high-quality servicing of aviation and terrestrial gas turbine engines is a guarantee for customer satisfaction in reliable and efficient technology.