More than 1,400 – the total capacity of PMZ’s educational center for customer support in 2012

More than 400 certificates of completed training were issued by the center for aviation subjects. Students included employees from Aerogeo airline (Krasnoyarsk), Volga-Dnepr (Ulyanovsk), Hely Savia (Bulgaria), Euro-Asia-Air (Kazakhstan), Taimyr (Norilsk), the Rossiya special air brigade serving the Russian president (Moscow), the Kazan affiliate of the Tupolev design bureau, the aviation-engineering service of the Tomsk affiliate of the Gazpromavia airline, SKOL technical service bases (Surgut), Motorservice PM (Moscow), Bilibino (Bilibino), and the Perm Engine Company.

Most of the Perm engine builders underwent aviation training on existing certificates and performance specifications. 260 certificates were issued to PMZ engineers and aviation technicians for completing training. 80 specialists from related organizations took part in the programs ‘Construction and technical operation of the TV2/117A (AG) engine and the VR-8A gear box’ and ‘Control of the gas-air duct in the PS-90A engine’.

In 2012 field specialists from the Perm Engine Company’s customer support department studied terrestrial application engines at the educational center. More than 1,000 certificates of completion of training were issued on various courses.

In November 2012 work began on reconstructing a model classroom for the terrestrial applications of gas turbine engines. With the launch of this new model, students in the educational programs will be able to learn more effectively about the differences in performance specifications and will be able to qualify and re-qualify for the right to work with gas turbine units made at the Perm Engine Company.

Oleg Korolyov, Perm Engine Company commercial director:

"Specialists at the Perm Engine Company educational center for customer support are leading on-going work, the aim of which is to improve the professional qualifications of our specialists who service engines made by the Perm Engine Company. In 2013 we will keep rebuilding the model classroom, which will make the learning process even more effective. In close cooperation with Aviadvigatel employees, we are working on a program to train workers on the PD-14 gas generator engine, which is to serve as the base for new GTUs by 2015.