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Perm Engine Company names best employees of 2012

The Perm Engine Company has totted up its results for 2012 and named the best employees, whose professionalism, responsibility, high personal potential, and dedication to the job and the team made a significant contribution to solving the production tasks the company faced in 2012.

The title Best Employee of 2012 was granted to six engine builders. They include Igor Nekrasov, head of PMZs repair facilities, Viktor Martynov, head of assembly line No. 34, Vladimir Mozzhegorov, deputy head of mass-production department, Sergey Zagoriy, lathe operator on assembly line No. 35, Dmitriy Shatrov, head of computer-controlled machines on assembly line No. 41, and Vladimir Romashkov, driller on assembly line No. 95.

All bosses and workers named Employee of the Year 2012 have many years of experience working at the company, a great deal of professional knowledge in the area of construction of aviation and terrestrial gas turbine engines, and are doing all they can to achieve the end goals  ensuring the competitiveness of Perm engines on the Russian and global markets, preserving the status of the Perm Engine Company as one of the best in the both the engine building industry and in the aviation industry as a whole.

Employees of the Year were honored with certificates and prizes from the PMZ foundation.

Perm Engine Company managing director Aleksey Mikhailyov:

I am sure that the title of Employee of the Year is a good stimulus for the recipients, to help them keep up the pace and the quality of their work. For the whole team, the winners serve as an example to be followed: every employee should strive to be the best, to achieve the maximum, for the success of the company and the wellbeing of all of its employees rests on the efforts of each of us.