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Perm Engine Company fulfils all obligations to its strategic partners

Perm Engine Company has announced its preliminary results for 2012.

Aviation technology

In 2012 Perm Engine Company fulfilled all state orders for the PS-90A engines specially designed for the Il-96-300 and Tu-204/214 Rossiya special air brigade, on time and in full. Over the course of the year Perm Engine Company produced 14 new PS-90A aviation engines. Under the factory’s obligations to ensure air worthiness of airlines operating Russian-made aircraft using PS-90A engines, it carried out repairs on 78 engines of this model. It overhauled five PS-90A engines.

Topical issues of operation and servicing of PS-90A engines were discussed twice in 2012 in the course of flight technology conferences that included representatives from design firms, airlines, and aircraft manufacturers. The conferences were held in Moscow and in Havana (Cuba), in May and October. Conference participants particularly noted the role played by Perm Engine Company in providing timely and high-quality repair work and technical servicing for the company’s products.

In the course of fulfilling state military orders the company repaired 35 D-30 engines installed on Tu-134 airplanes belonging to federal authorities, and modernized them from the D-30 II series to the D-30 III series. This work will continue in 2013. The company plans to provide repair and updating on 48 D-30 engines. As a result, the total state orders on repair of D-30 engines will more than quadruple as compared to 2011.

In 2012 the company carried out a significant volume of work to provide aviation repair companies with nodes and parts for repair and overhaul of the D-30F6 engines for strategic MiG-31 fighter jets. Plans for 2013 include nearly doubling this type of production.

In 2012 after a long break in production, Perm Engine Company once again began making nodes for TV2-117A helicopter engines. In 2013 PMZ plans to increase production volume for 218 Aviation Repair Factory and Urals Factory of Civil Aviation. The contract totals are set to exceed 2012 totals by 40 million rubles.

Industrial gas turbine units

Production volumes of new gas turbine engines for terrestrial applications once again exceeded Perm Engine Company’s production of aviation technology. In 2012 the company made 51 gas turbine units, including 42 10-25 mW GTUs based on the PS-90A aviation engine gas generator, and nine ‘small’ 2.5-6 mW GTUs based on the D-30 aviation engine.

At the same time as a result of more forgiving operating conditions, the number of industrial GTUs repaired remained at a low level compared to repairs on aviation engines. Over the year, PMZ repaired 36 10-25 mW GTUs and 11 2.5-6 mW GTUs.

Gazprom remains Perm Engine Company’s key partner and main purchaser of gas turbine technology for terrestrial applications. This partnership, stretching back 20 years, is continuing to expand. In October 2012 Perm engine builders finished the 500th gas turbine unit made to order for Russia’s largest gas holding. The ‘celebratory’ unit was one of PMZ’s most popular, the 25 mW unit. In 2012 the company finished GTUs for the strategic Nord Stream gas pipeline, and in mid-December Perm Engine Company delivered the first of its units for the South Stream pipeline.

All together in 2012, the company delivered 31 gas turbine units of 2.5-25 mW capacity to Gazprom, and repaired a further 29 GTUs.

Plans for 2013 include the manufacture of 50 gas turbine units based on the PS-90A engine, half of which will be powerful GTU-16P and GTU-25P units. 38 gas turbine units will be put together for Gazprom.

Perm Engine Company managing director Aleksey Mikhailyov:

"2012 fully confirmed the stability of Perm Engine Company as a producer of gas turbine engines for aviation and terrestrial application. Correlating the number new engines made and the number of working days, we can say that our assembly lines finished a new engine every four days. And if we include overhauled and repaired engines, then Perm engine builders finished an engine every day in 2012.

2013 will open up new opportunities for Perm Engine Company: the growth in orders can be seen both in repairs on aviation engines and in the production of gas turbine technology for terrestrial applications, and making nodes and parts for aviation and helicopter engines under the D-30F6 and TV2-117A programs. Despite the fact that the contract to deliver 156 PS-90A76 engines to the Russian Defense Ministry for its Il-76MD-90A aircraft is still in final negotiations on price and schedules, in 2013 we will begin proactive production of the first batch of PS-90A-76 engines for this order.

The company marked a significant event when it sent the first working PD-14 engine off for tests on May 30, 2012. The production of a fifth-generation engine has brought about wide cooperation among Russian engine building companies. Perm Engine Company made the high pressure turbine, the high pressure compressor starter, part of the low pressure turbine, and part of the combustion chamber and other parts for the working model. The key task facing PMZ now is to finish preparations for the production of the PD-14 engine and gas turbine units based on its generator, in 2013.

In 2013 Perm Engine Company will continue implementation of its programs for further development of the company. These programs are being implemented using the company’s own funds and also with outside financing: investment loans, and state funds issued as part of the federal targeted program to develop the military-industrial complex in 2011-2020. Financing continues according to planned volumes, sufficient for our plans.