Aviadvigatel Gas Turbine Power Station for Lukoil Perm

A Ural-4000 gas turbine power station developed by Aviadvigatel was launched at Lukoil Perms Ilyichevskoye oil field.

The project by Lukoil Perm to establish generation for their own needs consists of phased construction of a gas turbine power unit at the oil and gas extraction site on the Ilyichevskoye oil field, located in the north of the Kungur District, with a total electrical capacity of 16 mW generating capacity in parallel to the network.

The project envisages: installation of four block-modular Ural-4000 gas turbines made by Aviadvigatel, ready-to-operate, five block-modular NOEMI compressor stations, and an automated system to manage the GTU technical processes.

The particulars of the project is the adaptation of the Ural-4000 gas turbines (based on the GTU-4P units) and the gas booster station in working on associated petroleum gas with a high content of hydrogen sulphide without the need for preliminary cleaning.

To adapt the GTU-4P to conditions at the Ilyicheskoye field, the Perm engine builders made a number of amendments to the engine aimed at altering materials of construction and protecting the high-pressure turbine blade coatings. This allows the gas turbine power station to be run on associated petroleum gas with high hydrogen sulphide content without the need to use expensive cleaning systems.

At present the second Ural-4000 power station is being started and commissioned at the field, the third and fourth have been prepared for delivery to the client, and will be transferred to Lukoil Perm in May-June of this year.

Additional Information

The Ilyichevskoye oil and gas field is an own-generation project by Lukoil Perm, using Perm-built gas turbine power stations. Implementing this project will enable Lukoil Perm to produce 134.4 million kW of its own electrical power every day, utilizing more than 40 million cubic meters of associated petroleum gas, significantly reducing volumes of associated petroleum gas that are flared off, thereby improving the ecological situation in the region.

Aviadvigatel is a leading Russian design firm developing gas turbine engines for aviation and industrial applications, and is part of the United Engine Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OBORONPROM for managing engine-building assets.

OBORONPROM is a multi-faceted machine-building group of companies established in 2002. It is part of the Russian Technologies group of companies. Its primary activities include helicopter building (Russian Helicopters), engine-building (UEC), and other assets.