Perm engine-builders hold their traditional youth camping rally

The field of the Arkhiereik District hosted the traditional youth rally camp of the Perm engine-building industry. Several hundred employees from the Perm Engine Company, Reduktur-PM, Metallist-PM, and Instrumentalny Zavod-PM, as well as rally guests, representatives from Saturn in Rybinsk, and the Perm Research-Production Tool-making Company demonstrated their skills and team spirit in three days of sporting events, as well as experienced camper skills such as competitions with the knife and the axe, know-how, and artistry in intellectual and creative pursuits.

The best out of all the competitors were the representatives from the department of the chief machinist at the Perm Engine Company — the kids demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and won over the audience with a fantasy show about the life of the factory’s ‘third shift’. Second place went to the team from Assembly line 30 of the Perm Engine Company, who did very well in the medley relay and in the cooking competition. ‘Bronze’ went to the team from Reduktor-PM.

The guest teams were outside of competition, but they also showed fantastic results. The best time on the field out of the teams in official competition was 26 minutes, but the representatives from Saturn managed the obstacles in 17 minutes. The best results from all the Rybinsk guests was in the rogain running.

“Our teams have a lot of experience in these kinds of events, and we were very interested in the invitation to take part in the Perm rally, especially since Perm in our partner in the engine-building industry,” said Igor Barulev, Captain of the Saturn team. “It was nice to see such a high level of organisation both in the sports and creative competitions. The friendly atmosphere or support for all rally participants was palpable all day. We hope that next time the Saturn team will be able to take part in the whole program, and that the team from Perm will come to our rally.”

Sergei Popov, Managing Director of Perm Engine Company:

“The youth rally is a really good and joyful event: the kids demonstrated their team spirit, their joy for life, and the support from the assembly lines and divisions, and bosses, for the teams spur the participants on to victory and strengthens the team — the whole factory feels like one big happy family.

The youth camping rally is one of the most popular mass sports events that we hold. It is of great interests to the workers, and this is quite understandable: the kids can prove themselves here as real athletes and talented artists, and can learn more about each other,” says Stella Emir-Veli, Chairperson of the Youth Council at Perm Engines. “The main goal of the event is team building and motivating the younger employees, and enhancing retention of young specialists: the kids who take part know that by working in our companies, they can prove themselves not only in their professions, but also in sport and art — all talents are in demand!”

Perm Engine Company manufactures gas turbine engines for aviation and industrial gas turbine units for power generation and transporting gas. It is part of the United Engine Corporation.

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