NPO Saturn and Nanotechnology Centre of Composites create joint company to produce composite parts for aviation engines

August 28, 2013, Zhukovsky — NPO Saturn, part of UEC, and Nanotechnology Centre of Composites, part of the Composite holding, will create a joint company which will concentrate on innovative technologies for production and research of parts for gas turbine engines (GTE) made from polymer composite materials (PCM).

Today at MAKS 2013 NPO Saturn and Nanotechnology Centre of Composites (NCC) signed an agreement on their intention to create a joint company based at NPO Saturn. The main activity of the new company will be R&D and design and development on developing parts for aviation engines, made out of PCM, conducting laboratory tests of the materials, and small-scale production of GTE parts from PCM. The agreement was signed by Yury Shmotin, Chief Designer of NPO Saturn and Mikhail Stolyarov, General Director of Nanotechnology Centre of Composites.

Yury Shmotin said, “technological innovation in implementing the project to create the joint company will take place in the development and application of new technologies for reinforcing and forming parts, which have no analogue in Russia. Together with work to create new methods of calculating and planning high-wear GTE parts, on-going at NPO Saturn, these developments will allow us to achieve the level of leading world companies.”

“Establishing a joint company will allow us to focus the process of implementing composite materials in the production of aviation engines made at NPO Saturn. For us it is very important that NCC is a part of this interesting project. I am sure that the new company has a bright future,” highlighted Mikhail Stolyarov.

Creating a joint company is part of a large-scale project to implement parts made of PCM in the construction of NPO Saturn engines. The implementation of this project involves wide cooperation between Russian educational institutions, small innovative companies, engineering companies, industry institutes, and production materials. Implementing PCM parts in the construction of NPO Saturn engines, especially to improve the SaM146 engine for the Sukhoi Superjet 100, will allow the company to move to a new level of development and to significantly increase the competitiveness of its products.

The joint company will be part of the program to develop the innovative regional Gas Turbine Construction and Power Machines Construction cluster in the Yaroslavl Region.

NPO Saturn is an engine-building company specializing in development, production, and aftersales servicing of gas turbine engines for military and civil aviation, electrical generating and gas transport facilities, and military and civil marine vessels. Saturn is a part of the Managing Company JSC United Engine Corporation.

Nanotechnology Centre of Composites is an organization created in accordance with the program to create nanotechnology centers under the foundation for infrastructure and educational programs. The goal of NCC’s work is to create in partnership and with co-financing, commercially viable scientific and technical projects to implement polymer composite materials in industry.