Aviadvigatel youth at MAKS 2013

On August 27, 2013, the youth delegation from Aviadvigatel will go to the MAKS 2013 International Aviation and Space Salon, which will be held in Zhukovsky, the Moscow Region on August 27-September 1. The delegation includes 2013 graduates who have been hired at Aviadvigatel, and the best work experience students from the PNIPU air and space department. A total of 50 people are going to Moscow.

The Aviadvigatel young people will arrive in the capital on the evening of August 28 and will spend three days in Moscow. During that time, the young engine builders will have a night our around Moscow, visit the Gagarin cosmonaut training center in Star City, the flight control center in Korolev, and the Museum of the Russian Air Force in Monino.

The most interesting day will be August 31. The Aviadvigatel youth will spend the whole day at MAKS and will be able to see flights by unique flying groups. Strizhi, Russkiye vityazi, Sokoly Rossii, Rus, and Pervy Polet will all be showing off their arts at the air show, as will the Berkuty helicopter group. The aviation festival will also be honored by participation of pilots from the armed forces of France, China, the Baltic States, and Switzerland.

The Aviadvigatel new hires will visit the many exhibitions stands belonging to corporations and participants in the air show, at which they will be showing new engines, aviation equipment, and technological equipment and materials used in aircraft and engine construction. At the MAKS static stand they will be able to see the best examples of military, civil, and freight aviation, as well as space technology and so on.

Participation in the MAKS 2013 exhibition will give the young Aviadvigatel specialists and PGTU students not only experience of the wonderful atmosphere of this festival of aviation, but also the chance to get first-hand information and see trends in the development of aviation technology. Trips for young people to big industry exhibitions and air shows is a long-standing and treasured tradition for Perm engine builders.