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Russia-made NK-33 LRE provided the success of the second Antares launch

NK-33/AJ26 liquid rocket engines modernized by Aerojet and JSC Kuznetsov (part of UEC) specifically for the use in Antares rocket system worked reliably all the way through the burnout.

Antares launch vehicle, designed by Orbital Sciences Corporation, placed a Cygnus freighter spacecraft on the target orbit, where it will spend some time for system testing prior to docking with ISS, which is planned for September 22nd. Cygnus freighter will bring about 700rg of cargo to ISS to provide the needs of ISS #36/37 crew. On the dive back it will take the waste from ISS.

The remarkable issue of this flight is the demonstration of a complete mission of ISS supply provision with a freighter spacecraft from the launch to docking and discharge

The success of this flight opens a series of Antares flights. According to the contract with NASA signed in 2008 for the cost of 1,9bln. USD, Orbital Sciences must provide 8 more regular freighter flights to ISS till 2016 to deliver around 20t of cargo to the station.