Soyuz-U carrier rocket launches with Samara engines
The engines made by Kuznetsov – RD-107A/RD-108A, installed on the first and second stages of the Soyuz-U carrier rocket, again provided a successful launch.
Saturn Gas Turbines Changes Company Name
The company Saturn Gas Turbines has a new name. From April 1, 2014, the official name of the company will be Open Joint Stock Company UEC Gas Turbines (UEC – GT).
Engines from UEC’s Samara company provided a successful start for the Soyuz-ST rocket launcher at the KourouSpaceport
On Friday, April 4 at 01:02 Moscow Time, the space rocket Soyuz-ST-A with Fregat-MT launching block and Sentinel-1A remote Earth sensing equipment was successfully launched from the Kourou Spaceport (Guiana Space Center, French Guiana).
Igor Pshenichny heads UEC sales
The United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostech) has announced changes in its management structure and a new appointment within the holding.
UMPO purchases patents from NPO Saturn
The Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) – the head company of United Engine Corporation’s (UEC, part of Oboronprom, which is part of State Corporation Rostech) division Engines for Military Aviation – has obtained the exclusive rights to 251 patents on inventions and useful models, the authors of which are employees at UMPO affiliante the Lyulki design bureau.
Russian-Ukrainian engineering center will work on developing engines for civilian and military transport aviation
The United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostech), has prepared a program of activity to create an international engineering center, aimed at developing engines for civilian and military transport aviation. The document, developed for the medium-term, is preliminary in nature, and will be reviewed at the research council of the new structure.
UMPO increases social spending
In 2014 the Ufa Engine Industrial Association (a subsidiary of the United Engine Corporation, part of Oboroprom), will increase by 12 million rubles its total resources spent on feeding its employees. This year these costs will come to 343.8 million rubles and will increase if the number of employees grows.
UMPO collecting resources to support Crimeans
Ufa Engine Industrial Association (a subsidiary of United Engine Corporation, part of Oboronprom) with cooperation from the Bashkortostan Republic division of the Russian Industrialists Union is holding an action in support of Crimea.
Perm-built PS-90A-76 on course for Ulyanovsk
On March 14 the Perm Engine Company delivered two PS-90A-76 engines to Aviastar-SP (Ulyanovsk), from the second set under a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence. A further two engines will be delivered to the client by the end of April.
Innovative ideas in practical applications presented at the International Technological Forum
March 14, 2014, Rybinsk – The international technological forum ‘Innovation. Technology. Production’ will be held March 18-19, 2014 in Rybinsk and will bring together specialists from large high-tech industrial companies and representatives of small and medium businesses, higher and professional educational institutions, and leading Russian research organizations.
NPO Saturn receives EASA certificate for technical servicing and repair to the SaM146 engine
March 10, 2014 Rybinsk – On March 6, 2014 repair organization NPO Saturn received a European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) certificate. The certificate confirms the standards of NPO Saturn’s work meet the requirements of the European aviation regulations (part 145), as set by EASA for organizations carrying out technical servicing and repair (TS and R) on aviation technology.
Turnover of UEC division Engines for Military Aviation in 2013 amounted to 45 billion rubles
On preliminary data for 2013 the total turnover of companies that are part of the United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of state corporation Rostech) division Engines for Military Aviation – Ufa Engine Industrial Association, Motor, and the Moscow Chernyshev machine-building plant – was 45 billion rubles. Compared to 2012 the division's turnover was up 38%.
UEC at Russia Power 2014
On March 4-6, 2014, the United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of state corporation Rostech) took part in the international exhibition Russia Power 2014, where visitors could see the latest developments in engine building and power units.
Saturn Gas Turbines has set to work on practical implementation of the cooperation program with Gazprom on the South Stream project
At the Kazachya compressor station on the South Stream gas pipeline (western corridor) installation has begun of the gas transportation GPA-Ts-25NK/RM units made by Saturn Gas Turbines.
Su-35S fighters joining the Air Force have UMPO-made engines installed
All Su-35S airplanes which in February joined the Russian Air Force are equipped with engines made by UMPO. There are 24 AL-41F-1S (117S) engines for 12 4++ generation fighter jets delivered to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation via Sukhoi under a state defence contract from 2013.
British delegation visits UEC
As part of the British air and space mission to Russia, on February 25, 2014, Gas turbine R&D Center Salyut was visited by a return visit from the air and space conference, which included representatives from British companies in the aviation and military-industrial fields. The host was the United Engine Corporation and its companies.
The Sochi Olympic flame developed by Kuznetsov specialists worked perfectly
Specialists from the Kuznetsov plant (a subsidiary of the United Engine Corporation, part of Oboronprom) designed and made the flame assembly for the Olympic cauldron at the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
NPO Saturn delivers the 100th SaM136 engine to Komsomolsk-on-Amur
February 20, 2014, Rybinsk – Today the NPO Saturn assembly line delivered the 100th serial SaM146 engine for the SSJ100 airplane to Komsomolsk-on-Amur to KNAAZ for Sukhoi Civil Airplanes. Sixty-four engines have already been delivered to foreign and Russian clients as part of aircraft.
Aviadvigatel is the general partner for the Education and Career 2014 exhibition

Aviadvigatel was once again the general partner for the Education and Career 2014 exhibition.

The 16th specialized exhibition for educational establishments, job vacancies, and achievements in the education industry was held on February 13–16 in the Permskaya Yarmarka (“Perm Fair”) Exhibition Center.

UEC shows off its products in India
The United Engine Corporation (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of Rostech) is taking part in the international exhibition DEFEXPO India 2014, which will take place February 6-9 in New Delhi (India). At the exhibition, UEC will show off engines for military aviation, which have already proven themselves in operation including for Indian clients.
Young specialists from the division Engines for Military Aviation awarded stipends by the President of the Russian Federation
Eight representatives from the UEC division Engines for Military Aviation will over the course of three years receive a stipend from the President of the Russian Federation.
Perm Engine builders take part in preparations for the 2014 Olympics
On the eve of the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, additional capacity was launched at the Krasnodar compressor station – the Perm Engine Company replaced two GTU-12P (gas turbine units of 12 mW capacity) with GTU-16P, thereby increasing the total capacity of the station to 68 mW.
Aviation builders agree to jointly develop professional standards
Companies in the aviation industry have begun jointly developing industry professional standards. The conference organized by the Union of Aviation Producers was held at the headquarters of the United Engine Corporation on January 24, 2014.
Perm Industrial modifications to the PS-90A — 10 million hours “on the ground”
In January 2014 the total number of hours worked by 10-25 mW capacity gas turbine units created by Aviadvigatel reached 10 million since the beginning of operations.
Salyut delivers engines to Gazprom
Salyut has completed delivery of gas turbine engines for the Bovanenkovsky oil and gas condensate field belonging to Gazprom Extraction Nadym, a subsidiary of Gazprom.
Russian deputy prime minister Olga Golodets visits NPO Saturn
January 23, 2014, Rybinsk – On January 22, 2014 a government delegation headed by deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets, and leaders of the administration of the Yaroslavl region and the city of Rybinsk visited NPO Saturn.
Beginning of dual international educational programs for companies in the territorial cluster Gas turbine and engine construction in the Yaroslavl region
January 22, 2014, Rybinsk January 21 saw the start of training for the first two groups of specialists at companies in the innovative territorial cluster Gas Turbine and engine construction in the Yaroslavl region in the context of the international educational program Managing high-tech production.
Aviadvigatel: 20 years serving Russia’s fuel and energy complex
January 16, 2014 marked twenty years since the day of the launch of the first industrial gas turbine engine developed by Aviadvigatel. The launch of the PS-90GP-1 was the beginning of a new era in the life of the Perm design bureau in aviation engine building.
In 2013 UMPO rationalizers saved the company 33.2 million rubles
In 2013 the rationalization proposals from employees at the Ufa Engine Industrial Association saved the company 33.2 million rubles. The total number of proposals was 2,293 of which 60% (1,375) were implemented.
UEC presents the book Vladimir Klimov
Klimov, the United Engine Corporation, and Politechnika publishing house (St. Petersburg) presented a new book in the series ‘Famous engineers of Russia, 20th century’, highlighting one of the founders of the Russian school of aviation engine building — Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov. This publication is the first event in a cycle of celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Klimov company, taking place this year.
New start for the Antares rocket: the NK-33/AJ-26 engines worked successfully
Today, January 9, 2014, at 22:07 Moscow Time from the MARS facility on Wallace Island (Virginia) the next successful start of the American Antares mid-weight rocket took place. The NK-33/AJ-26 engines in the first phase operated without any issues.

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