UMPO increases social spending

In 2014 the Ufa Engine Industrial Association (a subsidiary of the United Engine Corporation, part of Oboroprom), will increase by 12 million rubles its total resources spent on feeding its employees. This year these costs will come to 343.8 million rubles and will increase if the number of employees grows.

Food in UMPO cafeterias is free for all company employees, which currently number about 18,000 people. The company policy on this matter has remained unchanged for more than 10 years.

In addition all factory workers have the chance to use the service ‘A gift from the Company’. Once a year every employee has the right to relax at the Zvezdny physical fitness complex on the Pavlovsky Reservoir or to improve his health at the UMPO sanitorium Rechnye Zori, on the company’s bill. In 2013 the company designated 53.3 million rubles to implement the bonus program ‘A gift from the Company’, and in 2014 it intends to spend more than 77.8 million rubles.

There is also the unchanged opportunity to use the social package card based on an agreement between UMPO and Investkapitalbank. Every company employee gets a card that contains funds to pay for services at the Motorstroitel Palace of Culture and the Gastello Sports Club (group classes, skate rental, and so on), and at Upkan leisure centers.

Among other discounts it’s worth mentioning the 90% discount on travel to summer camps for workers’ children, both in Bashkortostan, and on the Black Sea coast, assistance for workers returning to UMPO after compulsory service in the Russian Army, support for veterans of labor organizations, young mothers, and so on.

OAO Ufa Engine Industrial Association is the largest manufacturer of aviation engines in Russia. Its main types of activities are the development, manufacture, servicing, and repair of turbojet aviation engines and gas transportation units, and the manufacture and repair of helicopter node technology.

The Engines for Military Aviation division is a business unit of the United Engine Corporation, which includes companies and design firms working on the manufacture and development of aviation engines for military applications.

United Engine Corporation is a subsidiary of OBORONPROM. UEC includes more than 85% of leading companies specializing in the development, mass production, and servicing of gas turbine technology, as well as key companies supplying parts to the industry. One of UEC’s priority areas of business is implementing a comprehensive program of development for companies, including the newest technology, meeting international standards

OAO UIC OBORONPROM is a multi-faceted engine-building group, founded in 2002. It is part of State Corporation Rostech. Its main areas of business are helicopter building (Russian Helicopters), and engine building (UEC).

State Corporation Rostech is a Russian corporation founded in 2007 to support the development, production, and export of high-tech industrial products for civilian and military applications. It includes 663 organizations, which presently include eight holding companies in the military-industrial complex and five in civilian industries. Rostech companies are spread across 60 subjects of the Russian Federation and deliver products to market in more than 70 countries. Rostech’s turnover in 2012 was 931 billion rubles, with clear profit of 38.5 billion rubles. It made tax contributions to all budgetary levels of more than 109 billion rubles.

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