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The UEC will discuss at Zhuhai Airshow the strategic projects of cooperation with China in the field of aero engines

The Russian United Engine Corporation (UEC, the integrated structure uniting all major Russian gas turbine engine developers and manufacturers) in the framework of the International aerospace exhibition Airshow China 2016 is presenting the newest Russian aero engines and is planning to discuss with the Chinese partners the realization of the ongoing cooperation programs and the prospective projects.

The UEC at Airshow China 2016 has planned the talks with the representatives of corporations CATIC, AVIC, COMAC and AECC, as well as with the delegations of the third countries  for example, with Bangladesh. The issues of cooperation in developing and manufacturing the new generation civil aero engines, service and repair will be the themes of the meetings.

The civil direction of the Sino-Russian engine cooperation is gaining weight in the last years. The implementation by the UEC of a number of projects envisaging the creation of the commercial engines makes possible their entry into the foreign markets, including the Chinese one.

The successful work on the program of the PD-14 (new generation turbofan engine for the Russian MC-21 airliner) allows the development of the whole family of engines based on its core (gas generator), including the PD-12V turboshaft engine for the heavy-lift helicopter Mi-26. The UEC has already started the development of this engine. On the basis of PD-12V the corporation is ready to create an engine for the future Sino-Russian heavy-lift helicopter (AHL).

Also the UEC is the process of developing the high thrust PD-35 engine  the new generation Russian engine. The wide use of the innovative technologies mastered while implementing the PD-14 project is in plans. On the basis of the PD-35 project it is possible to create an engine for the future Sino-Chinese widebody airliner.

Another area of the Sino-Russian cooperation in the field of the civil engines  is the work on getting the certificate in China for the SaM146 engine powering the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) airliner. The SaM146 is the first gas turbine engine produced in Russia which was certified by EASA. PowerJet, a 50-50 joint venture held by NPO Saturn (company of the UEC) and Safran Aircraft Engines that oversees marketing and after-sales support service for the SaM 146, has put together a dedicated team to ensure the engine is certified by the Chinese authorities. The aim is to obtain certification as soon as possible.

The UEC also is starting the cooperation with the AVIC Composite company in the field of developing and producing the composite materials for the civil aero engines