UEC will discuss in Bangalore the aero engine cooperation programs with India

United Engine Corporation (UEC, the holding company uniting major Russian gas turbine engine developers and manufacturers) will take part in the 11th Aero India air show in Bangalore (14th  18th February), where it will present its advanced products and discuss with partners the cooperation projects.

UEC is planning to hold talks with the representatives of the Indian armed forces, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), and with Indian air companies potentially interested in acquisition of the Russian aerotechnics.

India for decades remains one of the most important UECs foreign partners and one of the major markets for its production,  says Alexander Artyukhov, UEC Director General.  With our skills of development and serial manufacturing of modern engines of different applications we are eager to foster the present cooperation. UEC strives not only to enhance the volume of engine deliveries to India, but also to raise the speed and the quality of the aftersales service, to build an integrated system of the support of our customers. The corporation is also ready to participate in the realization of the future projects of creating the engines for the new Indian airframes.

UEC works in India in line with Make in India program. In the framework of a number of projects the close cooperation with Indian government agencies and companies is set up. The corporation is building the direct relationships with the Indian customers  primarily the Ministry of Defense and HAL. For example, in 2015 UEC was registered as an authorized supplier of the Indian Air Force and Navy, as well as of HAL.

The large-scale cooperation between UEC and India continues mostly in the area of engines for military aviation. The biggest project is the ongoing delivery of the AL-31FP engine (powers Su-30MKI fighter) kits for its licensed production in India. At the present time UEC is also anticipating an interest in its civil production from the Indian customers.

The guests of the UECs stand (  2.3.4, Hall ) will be able to see PD-14 fifth generation civil engine, AL-41F-1S combat aviation engine, VK-2500PS brand-new helicopter engine and BARK-88 engine digital control system.

AL-41F-1S is a 4++ generation turbofan engine with afterburner and thrust-vectoring nozzle. It is installed on Su-35S multirole fighter aircrafts. This engine provides the supersonic speed without afterburner, which is one of the main fifth generation fighters requirements.

PD-14 engine is developed by UEC for powering MC-21 airliner. The most up-to-date technologies and materials, including the composites, are extensively used in the engine. Presently PD-14 is going through the second stage of flight tests, which are proving the workability of the engine and its systems.

VK-2500PS turboshaft helicopter engine is the latest modification of the widely used VK-2500 engine with the extended service life, the use of the modern full authority digital engine control system providing for the higher exploitation characteristics.

At Aero India 2017 UEC for the first time demonstrates BARK-88  the latest engine digital control system developed especially for modernizing the RD-33 family turbofan engines powering the MiG-29 fighter jets.

UEC (United Engine Corporation, part of the Rostec State Corporation) is an integrated structure specializing in the development, serial production, service&support of engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and naval applications, as well for the oil & gas industry and power generation.